WAL-MART is going to take over the world

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by SEC 330 BIPOLAR, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. Childress79

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    Speaking as a dislexic agnostic I'm not sure that there even is a dog :moon2:
  2. RollTide

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    If there was a message board in 1965 the question would be about sears taking over the world which blows the whole concept away. If some little outfit from arkansas can kick the crap out of sears and k-mart then maybe someday somebody will take a bite out of walmart. Walmart can fail. . They can get cocky and make mistakes. Once the retail worlkd was dominated by a company called woolworth. What happened to them?

    Who would have thought that some kid selling computers out of the trunk of a car would beat IBM? Micheal dell did just that. That two harvard drop outs would start a company that 20 years later would be worth over 200 billion dollars.

    As late as the 1980s general motors was the favorite whipping boy of activists and whiners. Big steel as late as the 1970s. Where are they now? US steel has a market cap of just $8B!

    It's all a waste of time but arrogant people like to think that shoppers are too dumb to know better to shop somewhere else. There is a new breed of competition for walmart. Those dollar stores and discount stores you barely had heard of 10 years ago? Dollar tree almost $4b in sales. dollar general $9b in sales. Big lots $4.5B in sales. All represent an alternative to walmart.
  3. RollTide

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    The walmart challenge..

    Walmart generates $330b in revenues. I dare anyone to tell me how several smaller companies dividing those sales would offer better prices and more employment than walmart. If that 330 billion was divided into 10,000 small little companies would they provide more jobs, better benefits and lower prices?

    You do gooders out there don't want the common man and women paying more for the necessities of life do you?

    And i know that a lover of the enviroment like starkiller would not prefer that people drive all over the place to buy the things they need when they can get all that in one stop right?
  4. Soxcat

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    I thought of arguing the economic side of the equation, that effieciency means lower prices and such but for some reason liberal minds have a hard time understanding Econ 101.
  5. GoT

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    Wal-mart does in fact have an achellies heel.


    there is doubt that if you want a DVD player Wal-mart has the cheapest one in town - period. Chances are that that is the ONLY DVD player Wal-mart sells though. I realize some things are fungable, the DVDs for the DVD player for instance, but sometimes quality counts and then Wal-mart should be the last place you go.

    Getting back to Sec330s tires. He was obviously happy with the quality tire they offered so it was a good deal for him. A decision I plan to keep in mind the next time I need tires (lifetime balancing sounds good).

    FWIW you can also drop off your used motor oil at Wal-mart
  6. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey


    I think the way WAL-MART operates makes manufactured goods worth less. The makers of these said goods are paid less for their product and that has consequences. There are larger things at stake than the pocketbook of the consumer. I'm just as real as anyone else... I buy things. My family needs things. The world has changed. It is still changing. This is just the way it is now.

    I guess I must be the "liberal mind" that Soxcat keeps taking shots at... Why I can not imagine. When it comes to WAL-MART I know what I am dealing with... I know saving money feels good. So does diddling a Pi Beta Phi but that doesn't mean my wife would like it. WAL-MART is going the way of the monopolies and trusts of the early 20th century. I guess I'll just take my liberal minded control of both houses of congress and help elect the next great American President. You act as if having a social conscious is some kind of plague.

    This "liberal mind" (as I've so been labeled) can see that it is only a matter of time before some type of corruption scandle breaks and WAL-MART brass will be subpoenaed to a congressional inquiry over something. Some of you act as if WAL-MART has only the interests of the American consumer at heart... right. That anecdote Skitch submitted about the shipping containers... That's a good example of the business mentality WAL-MART has.

    For RollTide... WAL-MART on the enviroment.
    I don't really give a jack about what they say they are going to do. The point is what they have done. The enviromental movement has been in full force for decades now.
  7. Simple: Wal-Mart is the 800 lb gorilla (more like King Kong, really) that gets just about whatever it wants. They can demand just about any sale price from it suppliers. No other chain can do that now. And no chain would be able to do that if it was a level playing field. The only reason that Wal-Mart can do that is because a supplier's sales would plummet if Wal-Mart decided to stop carrying their products. Just see what happened to Rubbermaid.

    Competition is good. Stores would still have to be competitively priced if there wasn't one dominant retailer, but they couldn't demand more from suppliers (or likely employees) like they do now.

    The fact is, Wal-Mart's $315B in annual revenue (all these numbers are courtesy of Fortune) are well over 6x those of either Target or Sears. In fact, if you add up the revenues of the next 5 biggest retailers (Target, Sears, Federated Dept Stores, JC Penny, and Kohl's), the only other retailers with at least $10B in revenue annually, Wal-Mart still doubles all their revenues combined.

    I've already said multiple times that, despite the fact that they sell stuff cheap, the bad outweighs the good.

    Oh, please...

    Even if you wanted to make a serious argument out of that, I'd just point out that people often drive out of the way to get to a Wal-Mart instead of just going to individual stores that are closer...
  8. They came over here and tried to dominate by selling cheap s###, but in reality, the supermarket chains hold the grip on the U.K right now...
  9. Gunny

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    and down under.
  10. The Mrs

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    It's really fun to go to WalMart at 3 a.m. to buy some um, "coverage" and have the cashier give you and your guy "the look". I used to hide, then I thought, "hey, I'm grown and being responsible. But I'm not surprised some Titan fan cashier hasn't posted on this site yet!
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