Wade Hoping to Remain with Titans

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by goTitans.com, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. Soxcat

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    I agree.
  2. TitanGuy

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  3. Sannyasin

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    I'm no big fan of Samardzija.

    He looked very average against LSU.
  4. Next year, where will Wade roughly be on the depth chart?...

    With Givens coming back perhaps, depends on the injury, will he be #3 or #4, possibly #5 on the depth chart if we re-sign Bennett and a rookie with our 1st pick...

    In that case, we'd be keeping him for his work on special teams and bits on offense...
  5. avvie

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    I love headlines like this...you just know that it should read "Wade would love to stay in Tennesse....BUT...."
  6. Sannyasin

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    The point is that you DON'T re-sign Bennett. You also DON'T spend a first DAY draft pick on a wideout. You sign Wade as your #3 (i.e. slot) receiver. You continue throwing to your tight ends extensively as we always do. You hope Jones develops into a legit #1 and are still happy if he is just a very good #2. You wait for Givens to get back and in the meantime you hope Young develops chemistry with Wade, Jones, Troupe, Scaife, the pass catching 3rd down RB we draft on the second day, Hall, and the talented young WR we have as backups right now (Williams and Orr for instance).
  7. johnnybow

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    Thank you to all you posters who share your knowledge and opinions. I find 'em very interesting. To me, there are a couple of facts that also should be considered in any discussion of WR's, both on the roster and potential FA's and draftees. The 2 factors are: JF wants to run the ball, and VY has the best wheels I've seen in a QB. I want WR's who can also block for RB's and VY when he comes out.
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