VY talks about SI cover, Jags, and doubters (M. Hodge)

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by nickel, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. GLinks

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    You guys talk about Vince? Steve wasn't very articulate and at times seemed very nervous during interviews. Now before you start in on me I grew up in California and then moved to the south so I know most of these guys that have grammatical problems from the south have very little choice its the enviornment they are in, There are very few people in Jacksonville that speak proper english that were born and raised here, most of the ones that do speak educated are transplants.
  3. avvie

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  4. Vince10

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    Don't take this as gospel, but I heard VY does in fact have a kind of reading disability. It might have partially accounted for the wunderlic screw-up. He is plenty bright, especially in the ways that matter in football. He just can't see lists of things correctly. As I said, take it for what it's worth. I make no warranty.

    The accent is East Texas/inner city. It is not unusual, considering his background, and it is no indication of intelligence in any way. Just not the type of accent people are used to seeing on TV. Also, people associate QBs with suburban white kids, and their corresponding speech patterns, so Vince stands out for that reason.
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  6. avvie

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    I couldn't figure out what Glinks was laughing at...I figured it was the use of the word "stereotypical" in a rant about bad English....irony, ya know.
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    I took a college course in linguistics, and pretty much the only thing that I remember is that "ebonics" or the way that inner-city black people tend to talk has been shown to be just as complex (and possibly even more complex) than the English that white people speak. It's not like we all speak perfect English. The language is different all across the world and across time periods.

    Vince is no dummy.
  8. SupDawg

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    You know that stereotypical is the adjective version of the word stereotype?

    So please explain to me how that is bad English?
  9. RollTide

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    What the @#*K?

    "most of the ones that do speak educated are transplants."

    That's not good english dude. And even though i am one of those transplants i find it insulting to southerners to suggest they don't speak as well as someone from california.

    And toronto fan, ebonics is slang not a language and vince young was not speaking ebonics. What phrase or word did he use that was not english?
  10. avvie

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    Yes, but it was used in the wrong tense as an adjective.

    "Stereotypical" describes the qualities of a subject, it doesn't mean "one who casts stereotypes".


    ...in looking at this quote I'm no longer sure of whom you're referring to. Are you saying that VY speaks like a stereotypically jumb jock, or are you saying that his critics are casting stereotypes upon him?

    Hmmm...maybe I'd better call my highschool English teacher...:ha:
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