VY: Mentor Extraordinaire

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SawdustMan, Dec 2, 2012.

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    Such an underrated show.
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    Underrated? It's wildly popular and has exceeded any expectations comedycentral and viacom had for it. That is the opposite of underrated.
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    I only know a handful of people who watch it......
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    Best part about that scene is my friends and I had the exact same discussion a few years back... no homo.

    I've seen every episode... love it. When's the new season starting?
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    That's loose butthole, bro. Now you have to play 7 minutes in heaven with Topher.
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    I love Workaholics. I just started watching it within the last few months, but it is probably my favorite show right now. I love the type of humor in that show (my GF hates it, but seriously, who cares)

    But in an effort to get back onto the topic of the Titans ...

    Yeah, but since Locker has had so little playing time so far this year one game will affect his QB rating a lot more. Same with his comp %. If you look at his comp % on a game by game basis, he does pretty good most games. He has a few that are low, that are screwing his average up right now.

    And I hate how people are acting like JL is the only one going through this right now. Andrew luck completed only 44% of his passes against the Lions and threw 3 ints.

    And Luck has had several games with low comp % and multiple ints. He has made some terrible decisions with the football, and has missed a lot of throws as well. Does that mean he sucks or will suck? No (although I hope he does suck) he is a rookie going through growing pains. Locker is going through the exact same thing right now, he has just had less oppurtunties to show he can have good games as well.

    That is what you get from young QBs. Some good games some bad games. I wish we would've let Locker get some of it out of his system the 2nd half of last year, but its fine. We weren't going to win the SB this year anyway. It takes time to be a great QB. We need to give Jake time to see if he can become one.
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  7. Architect

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    Do you honestly think that Locker has shown as much promise in his second year as a top 10 pick as the ROOKIE Luck has? It may be Lockers first year starting, but he has been in the league a full season longer sitting behind a vet and saw action last year
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    I just hope that fans support Locker more than they supported VY. I still have faith in Locker and think he can be a great (yes great) franchise QB for us. He was coming around before the injury and since he's been back, he's had a coordinator fired and has had a ton of drops from his receievers. Everybody needs to just back off the panic button for a while and let him play pressure free. We have other issues to address.
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  9. Alex1939

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    I still say the Titans need to re-sign VY but in a different capacity.

    He would be perfect for the intermission tire throw. I can see it now... "Can YOU beat VY at throwing 4 footballs through a giant inflatable tire? Sign up and it could be YOU throwing against VY at halftime!" I think the crowd would have fun with it. And VY needs the money, I could almost see him going for it.
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    Why would they drop support of Locker? Has he stormed out of the locker room? Did he throw his shoulder pads in the stands? Did he antagonize the home fans?

    Just can't believe you still don't see the problem with VY's shenanigans.
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