VY Considered Retirement?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by vslyke, May 23, 2008.

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  1. The Playmaker

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    NFL Live last night were pretty much bashing Young.
  2. Hooky Hornstein

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    Excuse me for being a day late and a dollar short but I saw this post last week at a time when I didn't have time to post. And a post like Mr. Ewker's deserves a carefully worded, well-thought out response.

    The first thing I'd like to address is the phrase "loser Texas fans."

    Okaaay. You can call us Texas fans many things and be right. You can call us homers, arrogant, incorrigible, overbearing, vociferous, charming, witty, abrasive and polarizing, but I think loser hardly defines the fans of a team with a 823-333-33 all time record and a .718 all time winning percentage. In fact only Michigan and Notre Dame have more wins and a higher winning percentage.

    By comparison, our Titans are only 350-368-6 with a .485 winning percentage and your Volunteers are only 778-326-55 with a .695 winning percentage.

    Loser. Ha. I don't think you can touch us on that one.

    Next let's discuss Vince Young's passing skills. Yes, we Texas fans did arrive on this forum extolling the virtues of Vince Young's passing ability but our opinion was based on fact.

    In 2005, Vince Young was #3 in the nation in passing efficiency with a 163.9 rating on the strength of going 212 of 325 (65%) for 3036 and 26 TDs to 10 INTs.

    By comparison, Matt Leinart was 8th with a 157.7 rating and your boy, Jay Cutler, was 60th with a rating 126.1.

    Now as for your cute retort about us just showing up here when Vince Young was drafted. Yes, that is true, but so what? Are you more of a Titans fan because you posted on a particular internet forum before we did? My my my. What is that? Some kind of credibility in your book?

    Let me remind you that many of us have a history with this franchise that dates back to Earl Campbell or before. Who were you rooting for 30 years ago?

    The Falcons?

    Yes, you're on the record as despising Vince Young and, in the two years I've been here, I've seen you add very little beyond that. I really can't see how hating Vince could possibly serve your best interests as a Titans fan, but I suppose if Vince Young never fully develops and Tennessee suffers for it you can be happy and gloat in the fact that you were right.

    Does that also mean you'll be disappointed if Vince does mature and the Titans do succeed?

    What an odd situation.

    You're an interesting character, Ewker, and I'm happy to be posting on this forum with you.
  3. Hooky Hornstein

    Hooky Hornstein Camp Fodder

    As for the topic of this thread – Vince candidly lamenting and then retracting his lamentations – I think it looks bad. And coming on the heels of boneheadedness by Ricky Williams and Cedric Benson in recent years and/or months, I think it reflects badly on the University of Texas. As a Texas fan, I hate to admit this, but the trail of quitters, underachievers and whiners suggest an environment there where Mack Brown and his staff so coddle and shelter their players that they when they go pro they seem to lack the mental toughness they need.

    However, if ever a player had the strength of character to overcome that kind of softness, I should think it would be Vince. He grew up tough. He willed Texas to overcome its 36 years of shortcomings.

    I still believe.
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