Volek Willing to Waive No-Trade

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by goTitans.com, Aug 31, 2006.

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    BAMARON Camp Fodder

    I think that is on everybodys mind...Bud falls under # 3 above
  2. Hoffa

    Hoffa Freak you you freakin' freak

    7) Can't wait for the reqular season to begin and see how it plays out

    8) Doesn't think the T-Rac incident was an "accident"
  3. Sukrillux

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    We've seen so much of a scrambling QB that some must think that you have to scramble to be a starting QB in the NFL. Volek is in the same catagory as Delhomme, Carr, and Kurt Warner. I am not saying that he is as good as any of them, but I am saying that he can be. He may not be able to scramble effectively, but that is not a requirement for being a starting QB in the NFL. Put him behind the Colts, Patriots, or Broncos O-line and they could make playoff runs with Volek as their starter. I am just saying that the Titans are trying to put the cast on the wrist when the shoulder's the thing that is broken. Go ahead, throw Collins into the season opener as the starter. I predict a 0-3 starting record. I will not go beyond that, because the point I am trying to make concerns Collins learning the offense that fast. Fix the O-line and put Volek in and then we have a chance of winning a couple of those games. I digress... It is useless for me to be mad at something that I cannot control, but I am seeing a long season ahead and I don't like it. Best of luck to where ever you land, Volek. I will be cheering for ya, man...
  4. Riverman

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    I'd trade yesterday for one of those.
  5. moose4now

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    As long as they trade him.

    Don't cut him.

    Make sure you get something for him.

    BAMARON Camp Fodder

    If you've noticed ( and I'm pretty sure no one has) I've been a supporter of Billy...I wanted him to do well. Apparently many didn't think he was getting the job done

    Still his bank account may in fact get the last laugh. If he isn't traded,but is in fact cut, ( not out of the question) He will be in demand. Alot of teams need his services, if not a starter, as a dependable back-up.

    As I was saying...he may end up with a more lucrative contract than he has now...It could happen

    Yeah, I've felt a little sorry for him ( a feeling I don't have for too many people whose worst case scenario is he makes a million dollars this year to sit the bench)

    Thru the years, I"ve also been sad to see dozens of other player go. But such is the nature of the game...

    Bring on the season....( hope we don't suck too bad)
  7. Get a draft pick
  8. fitantitans

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    What I meant to say was, Bennett as a starter. Volek is a better backup QB as Bennett is a better #2 recv'r.
  9. PhiSlammaJamma

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    I think the Titans must be delusional. We don't have a good team. There is no reason to think Collins will upgrade Volek. So let Volek screw it up. I will admit, he's looked horrible, making bad decisions, and playing gutless, but what does it matter. We are at best a .500 team. And I'm surprised some people don't see that, because you look at our roster, and you don't see anyone who has talent, except for Young. As far as Volek, he's got more potential than Collins. I think giving him just the preseason is not enuff. He still deserves a few games to blow this thing up. Maybe fewer than before, but at least give him one game to show what he's got or doesn't have. Volek has no market value as a starter in my opinion. This is where he makes it or breaks it.

    If Volek blows up, I'm for Young coming in. It's his team. Everyone knows it. And although we are split, at least half of us think he's ready to play. That's more than enuff to get 'em on the field.
  10. MadAboutMcNair

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    I don't know why everyone seems to think the team is just going to suck. I will not concede defeat. Not until I've seen the real deal on the field. This Preseason crap doesn't tell you very much. I know Collins can play. He plays ugly if you ask my opinion. Billy played much uglier last year. He doesn't seem to fit well with what Coach Chow is doing. I like Billy V, but not enough to watch the team lose games that they could have won. The defense and special teams will be better this year, that will give us plenty of chances to win games. We can't play a rookie if we want to win, and we can't play a guy that isn't getting the job done. I hope we get a decent draft pick for billy. But if not, let him go. A stinky mess regarding playing time is more detrimental to the team than a not so hot Vet backup.
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