Volek Traded to Chargers

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by zackmann, Sep 19, 2006.

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    I'm sure it's been said before, but I wonder how long the Titans can continue to treat their personnel like cattle. Going back over the past few years, how many players can you name that got shoddy treatment from the Fisher regime, particularly in the last couple seasons? And it's not just "problem" players. It's franchise heroes like Eddie George and Steve McNair. Best I can tell, there are too many Fisher apologists and not enough media scrutiny in Nashville to force these guys to be equitable with their players. Fisher saying that Kerry Collins will continue to start is a slap in the face to every fan of this franchise. He's like a power-mad dictator - and no one in the Nashville press has the cajones to take him to task.

    "You are entitled to disagree with our decision, but that is the decision we made and we have reasons for it."

    In other words, "thank you for your input, now go back to your trailer parks."

    I think it is fitting that Fisher will go down for a decision he and his staff made that was an obvious, egregious error in judgement. Fisher is no longer trying to win, he's trying to prove he was not wrong. Too bad us Titans fans have to come along with him.

    One very irked Titans fan.
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    UNBELIEVEABLE---For years, all I've heard is how Fisher is "too much of a players coach" ---"Always sticking up for the player" Now he's a Thug. Now he doesn't "want to win"---ARE YOU NUTS???

    The very second that VY is ready to start...he will...Apparently you don't understand the danger of throwing a rookie into the fire too soon ( danger to the rookie)...They"ve already done something with young that in 40 years of watching football I've never seen...They put him in every game for a series or two..."Power Mad Dictator ?!!?"

    Eddie George was washed up...wanted more money, Fisher still stuck up for him...George went to Dallas and proved that he was in fact, washed up.

    As for McNair...nobody wanted him to stay as much as Fisher...But his contract situation was impossible. As for Volek, I liked him. Most of us did. But even your HERO Eddie George said he was a back-up QB and that's all he'll ever be. So you're Fisher, the hand you've been dealt is a " not ready yet QB" and "Never will be anything but a back up QB"

    Yeah, the FO has done some things that haven't made a lot of sense..Don't pin that crap on Fish.
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    Yes. We know.
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    Good for him. I hope he gets a chance to play us and makes us look like fools.
  8. hes gonna get just as much playing time there as he would here
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    Being none. So why the hell did he leave? It's obviously not because of playing time.
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    He didn't "leave", he was traded by the organisation. Basically the Titans told him "No way in hell are we ever letting you play again", so naturally he'd rather accept a trade to the Chargers where he can hope that he outperforms Rivers or Rivers gets injured or something.
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