Volek Frustrated with Situation

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by goTitans.com, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. rcarie

    rcarie Tac Head

    He doesn't deserve to start. He sucks. Plus, he's been demoted because of poor work ethic and a bad attitude. The pre-season games were icing on the cake according to Floyd yesterday on sports talk radio. He deserves exactly what he's getting.
  2. Sunshine

    Sunshine Camp Fodder

    We shouldn't trade him to the Charges until after we play them on the 17th.
  3. Crash Override

    Crash Override inVINCEable

    You can't blame anybody here except the coaching staff, and management. That's messed up that they won't release him or trade him. Volek deserves a shot, but he got screwed when they signed Collins. He is right, it's a business.
  4. rcarie

    rcarie Tac Head

    If we don't get rid of him before the first snap of the first game that we have to pay him his full salary for the year... I'd say if he isn't gone by game time tomorrow he probably won't be going anywhere. I just don't see how we could get any kind of worth while trade for him with his salary. I've been wrong before though...
  5. Volek got a shot. He clearly failed or they wouldn't have turned to Collins.
  6. Bobo

    Bobo Guest

    I don't see how he sucks or clearly failed. QB position is probably the hardest for a fan to judge, but I never thought Collins was an obvious better choice.

    If they go with Kerry, I hope it's the right choice, but I'm not jumping on his bandwagon yet.
  7. I don't have to judge him. The coaches already have...
  8. Bobo

    Bobo Guest

    Are they always right?
  9. rcarie

    rcarie Tac Head

    I would think after 7 years they would have a pretty good idea.
  10. moose4now

    moose4now Starter

    It's got nothing to do with either Collins or Volek being better than one another.

    It's all about which one is willing to start a few games. And, then hold a clipboard once VY is ready to do his thing.

    And, I'm not sure Volek is ready to sign up for that.
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