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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by xpmar9x, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Even if we moved Ayers to DE we could still use a guy like Curry or Mercilus to rush on the other side. Besides I don't get this idea Mercilus is some small guy (6'4, 265). He is the same size as Morgan and almost perfect for our scheme as is Curry. Mercilus might be a little stiffer than Curry so I'd give the edge to Curry. Either along with Ayers could also play OLB if we wanted to show a 3-4 look on occasion.

    As Buddy Ryan might say, all Mercilus does is sack the QB.... and he played in the Big Ten where he had some quality OTs blocking him each week.

    [ame=""]Whitney Mercilus vs UCLA - YouTube[/ame]
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    A lot of people seem to think Mercilus will bust.. If he played against great OT and played well, I don't see why people think he'll be a bust..

    I wouldn't mind if the pick was Vinny Curry though..
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    Whitney Mercilus scares me. One year wonders always do. I don't think he's a first rounder, though most draft experts have him ranked high.

    To me, after Coples, the lineman I'd prefer to have most is Brockers. The kid has a TON of potential. His defensive coordinator at LSU said that he and another defensive lineman at LSU are the most talented players he's ever coached. This is coming from John Chavis, who was DC at Tennessee for years and coached Albert Haynesworth and John Henderson.
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    Whitney Mercilus is a Fisher pick, not likely one of Munchak's.
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    I dont think that article said anything about Ayers becoming a DE on passing situations... It said that he would be used more as a rushing in passing situations. I took it as him rushing from the OLB spot, not with his hand on the ground
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    ^What he said.
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    So that means either we are transitioning to a 3-4 or we are going to be blitzing a lot more on 3rd downs.
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    03/21/12 - 03/20/12 NFL DRAFT SCOUT RISER: Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall: In today's NFL, teams cannot have enough pass rushers on the roster, pushing defensive ends up boards on draft weekend. Curry might benefit from this notion, but his performance at his pro day is the biggest reason for his draft stock boost. After very average numbers at the Combine last month, including a 4.92 time in the 40-yard dash, Curry improved on almost all of his numbers at Marshall's pro day. He ran a 4.64 and 4.69 in the 40-yard dash, telling those in attendance that he knew he was faster than the 4.9 time he ran in Indianapolis. Curry also produced very good results in the vertical jump (35") and bench press (28) after not lifting in Indianapolis because of a wrist injury. With a strong resume, including 22.0 tackles-for-loss and 11.0 sacks last year, and his strong workouts, it wouldn't be a shock to see Curry sneak into the initial 32 picks of the draft. - Dane Brugler,

    Here's Vinnys Proday stuff (

    Much improved from his combine. Vinny is my favorite DE prospect, still don't see him being available with our 2nd round pick. I'd love to draft this guy and trade down to late 1st/mid 2nd... or if our FO is sold on him, take him with #20. Just like we did with Locker, he was our guy, and we weren't risking not getting him.
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    Curry def has potential and that word is trouble for the draft. He has the awards, the numbers just not the elite teams in his favo. We all they say if you dont show up against the best your overrated. But id say hes worth the risk, specially since we need a DE, even if Morgan steps up, u need rotation in todays NFL. Curry would be the only DE i would take in the first round, since nobody else sticks out to me. If he pans out, look out division. We remember the last time a rookie DE beasted it up and we went to the SuperBowl.
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