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    With the 20th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans select.... Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall.

    That's right, Vinny Curry with our 1st rounder. I'll be the first to say it. Vinny has been projected as a 2nd-3rd rounder pretty much all year. Worked his way up to the 2nd, and now i'm thinking he'll likely be EARLY 2nd/1st. I'm wanting him with our first.

    6'3-6'4 and 265 lbs

    6 All-America Teams (FWAA, Walter Camp, Associated Press,, Phil Steele and College Sports Madness)
    C-USA D-Player of Year
    First-Team All-CUSA '12 & '11
    Bronko Nagurski Trophy nominee (DI nation’s best defensive player)
    Chuck Bednarik Award nominee (nation’s best defensive player)
    Rotary Lombardi Award nominee (nation’s best lineman)

    48.0 career tackles for loss (1st in NCAA History)
    9 career forced fumbles (7th in NCAA History)

    Senior Year:
    21.5 tackles for loss (2nd)
    11 sacks (5th)

    Junior year:
    18 tackles for loss
    12 sacks

    Soph Year:
    8.5 tackles for loss
    3.5 sacks

    Relentless and strong off the edge as a pass rusher. Perfect bull rusher, and a non-stop motor. Amazing hands, stuggles with cut blocks. Seems to get "tired" and slacks later in games, can be fixed with a good rotation. Not afraid to rush inside, and not just around the outside of OTs. Very good outside tackler, with good closing speed on backs. NFL-caliber tackler. He's a team leader, positive attitude guy, no off-field issues, could of left last year as a potential 2nd rounder... but came back to "win a championship & get a degree". Excels as a five-technique DE/OLB, but is also really good as a three-technique DE. Spend 80% of the time as a 43 DE rusher, did mix it up as a 34 OLB or an interior rusher also.

    Here's a video of Vinny Curry dominating Zebrie Sanders (FL ST OT), who's a projected 2nd round OT on most sites. This is what a bull-rusher shoud do, this also happened in the Senior Bowl.


    and here's a highlight video:

    [ame=""]Vinny Curry - YouTube[/ame]

    After the combine, Curry will be moving up draft boards... to a late 1st rounder, likely to get gobbled up by a 34 team. However, we'll get him at #20 before anyone. Reminds me of Dwight Freeney.
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    I agree. I think a lot of people have just seen his projections to go round 2 or 3 and have him tied there in their minds. I think this guy has been underforecast as to where he would go. I actually think he's the 3rd best DE in the draft (behind Coples and Ingrim) and would have no problem if we took him in the 1st. He played really well in the senior bowl and I love his motor.

    If the Titans want him, they need to take him in the 1st, because he won't be there in the 2nd when we pick.
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    He whipped Sanders in the first clip and Mike Adams in the second. Curry can play, no doubt. He's a big time hustle player.

    [ame=""]Vinny Curry NFL Draft Analysis - 2010 Season - YouTube[/ame]

    The only thing I wonder about is whether he fits what we want to do.
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    Yeah... my bad you can have half credit :moon2: lol

    I've been a huge Curry fan, was actually looking at him last year as well for us. In my EARRRRRRRRLY mocks I had him to us in the 2nd, but he won't be there now.
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    Haha, I'm cool with that. And yea I was a fan of curry in the second, while trading back, and after more time on the prospect I figured the reach wouldn't be one anymore. He is the right size. Add along another DT.... Wooooo


    That could be really impressive.
  7. xpmar9x

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    I feel like Curry is perfect for us.

    Yes, we're trying to get "big" on the defense line... but we still need a blitzer. I think Gray realized that, we also are looking for a hybrid scheme, Curry would be perfect to be a stand-up blitzer. Morgan is 280, so he's pretty good size for a 43 DE.

    Curry was 245 last year, beefed up to 260+ this year. 260 is not bad at all for a 43 DE, look at Freeney he's 268. I'm sure he was smaller in his rookie years.

    I'd love for us to sign someone like Freeney (if/when released), and still draft Curry. Morgan, Freeney, Curry as a 3-man DE rotation.
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    I would definitely be fine with the pick. I'm going to just trust the ability of the Titans' front office to judge the best defensive player available. I'll get behind whoever they draft.

    I agree Curry seems like a good fit.

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    If Curry can make the initial pop on blockers, his size won't be an issue.

    After years of watching Kearse and Freeney, it's safe to say if you can give Offensive Tackles a good jolt, you can get past them and on to the ball carrier.
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    I agree. I think a lot of us get caught up in the "bigger is better" with this scheme because that's all we've seen with Jones moving out to end. In reality Jones is like 10 lbs heavier than Curry and you have to think Curry will bulk up a little more after entering the NFL and getting in to a pro training regiment instead of Marshall's.