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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by plato, Apr 30, 2006.

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    Just found this tidbit and It looks like we got a great kid.. He sounds like he will be an NFL man of the year type to go a long with his awesome talent on the field.. Maybe he can talk to pac-man..

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    One thing you are all going to learn about Vince is that he is a leader. He leads vocally and by example. This is a man that was on top of the world athletically in college, but still found time to volunteer at a local middle school in the summers. Hopefully people are patient with him, but I don't think that it will take as long as some are predicting for him to be ready. No NFL rookie QB is ready to take over an NFL team (except for Big Ben in Pitt..but even with him, they took out 75% of the offensive playbook).

    Here are some of the funny things I've heard people say about Vince:

    1. Comes from a "one read" system in college: I'm not sure where some of these idiots are coming up with this garbage, but that couldn't be further from the truth. This just comes from people not doing any kind of research. One of the things Vince did so much better over the last two years is looking off his first and second receivers, and instead of running at that point, dumping it off to the tight end or running back. Texas' offense was not a "one read" system.

    2. He isn't accurate: 58% in his redshirt freshman year. Over 65% last year. Ask USC if he was accurate or not.

    3. Not a strong enough arm: Please. Hopefully this was debunked over the last few months. He throws a very pretty deep ball.

    The Titans drafted the Michael Jordan of this draft,,,not the Saints.
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