Vince & LenDale partying with PacMan

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by miwarren, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!


    Man, when you were 22 you travelled out of town to host a new millionaires' party? Can we hang out some time?

    They can party wherever they want, as long as they don't break any rules. The party's fine, but it makes me nervous.
  2. Carpy

    Carpy Disgruntled foreign veteran

    Have some fun boys. Real work starts soon.
  3. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    I sure hope real work started a while ago.
  4. The Mrs

    The Mrs Crush on Casey Starbucks!

    O.K., time for your resident "ear to the streets" reporter weigh in.

    First, "Tims" is short for Timberland, which is a brand name of hiking boots. Personally, I don't like guys to wear hiking boots in the summer! Yick! Bad fashion move.

    Keep in mind, when I give you my thoughts and experiences of the nightlife in Nashville and Atlanta, I grew up in Brentwood, Bellevue and Franklin area and attended college, so I'm not a chick from the hood.

    Now, I have been at parties with Pacman and had a good time. He is just a young guy who likes a good party, like any other guy, young or old, who likes a good party. With that said, if Pacman wasn't "Pacman", I'm sure that I wouldn't be partying with him. There are places that Pacman could go in Nashville when he wants to get "gully". Places that I have been ONCE and my friends and I were nervous about leaving the club and hoping that we wouldn't get jacked in the parking lot!

    I can say that I know Pacman. Not a vague "know", but the kind where if someone asked him my name, he'd know me, and if he spotted me in a crowd, he'd approach me and give me a hug, and vice versa. He is a guy who grew up rough. He is truly from the 'hood and has the mannerisms of a person from the 'hood. Yeah, he should act a certain way, but he simply has had an upbringing that did not teach him to be civil. Being civil was secondary to surviving in the projects.

    Vince and Lendale didn't just come out of a sheltered life. They didn't attend an MBA/Ensworth-like high school, go to college at Harvard and now they're risking their lives hanging with Pacman. These are grown men who know what's up.

    Visions in Atlanta is a nice club. It's not the wild wild west where everyone comes in strapped up with guns and knives and it's a free for all. Pacman has partied several times at Visions the past few weeks after mimi camp. Another couple of NFL players had a charity weekend recently and Pacman was in attendence, partying like the rest of the players. No incidident.

    When I read this in the Tennessean, I shook my head at the story. It just goes to show how ridiculous and lean news is about the Titans. In all fairness, every NFL player endorsed party should receive the same attention.
  5. titansfan9

    titansfan9 Camp Fodder

    whoa, my post got edited, the black part was comic relief- its not a big deal

    ...that said, Pacman hasn't done anything terribly wrong as a Titan, I mean at least we are not the Bengals, Pacman and VY are good friends, stop worring over that stuff.......
  6. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    Uhh... thanks for the credit on my educated guess there Elfmeister.
    titansfan9, don't feel bad... I had to consult my black friend at work to confirm that timbs were indeed hiking boots. I told him I was going to tell all of you he set me straight. Also, he has a message for those concerned about Pacman and what not in regards to this party... my friend and co-worker says, "get off Pac's sack!":ha:

    funny... Elf's spelling checks out in the urban dictionary yet
    it was spelled differently on the night club site. :hmm:
    When I asked my buddy he questioned my spelling a bit...

    So Elf, are you going? :brow:
  7. Sunshine

    Sunshine Camp Fodder

    You didn't ask me, but I'll chime in anyway -- my son's flying back to ATL tonight, and there's a possibility he might go. If he does, I'll ask for a report.
  8. KamikaZ

    KamikaZ Ex-Hall of Famer

    Y'all are a trip. I can't say I'm shocked this was 1) made into a thread, 2) went 3 pages deep. :sad2:
  9. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    we'll just bring in Vegemite again. :ha:
  10. A.D.

    A.D. It's (insert day of week here) & Colts still SUCK Staff

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