Vikes @ Titans Preseason Game Thread

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Aug 13, 2011.

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  1. titan_fan_4ever

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    Some of us aren't blessed with such an at work right now but i got like 6 good streaming sites that im usually always able to find a game on. ill post em when i get to my laptop.

    and for the record...i dont even no how big my tv but damn watching a football game on that massive mo***** w/o lag would be crazy - bak when showtime got games i caught one titan game in four years (always cowboys or some big name team)...against the chargers and LT...we got REEEMED and i had invited friends to watch their first nfl game lol.

    i was in the US a while back..this was in NJ...and was at this place glory days or something..amazing every game on and like mini jukeboxs per table and u tune in to the game your watching...
  2. Titanium

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    Great time at the game! TitanJeff & Titanium during pregame activities

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  3. Kaeotik

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  4. cld12pk2go

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    Game on in HD on NFL Network...

    Anyone else watching?
  5. ImATitan

    ImATitan Pro Bowler

    Hell yea! I woke up for this LOL
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  6. titanslapifneed

    titanslapifneed Practice Squad

    Come on duece i know you like to stir things up but that is crazy. ponder=backup qb[at best], and if you are really confident about ponder i found 5 of these funny looking green pieces of paper.They have a 100 in the corners. I would be willing to put those funny looking pieces of paper up with the statement that in 2 years ponder will not be the best in this qb class.
  7. Blue Gorilla

    Blue Gorilla will play Safety for food

    I assume those jerseys were given to you by the team? WHY does this team continue to insist on using these navy jerseys? If the light blue jersey is our true HOME jersey, and the navy is now just a rare alternate, then start using the light blue jerseys!
  8. CheeseheadTitan

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    Two years???? You got it. I am not saying that he was awful...he looked ok for his first time out. However, he looked pretty scared out there (last night I compared it to Harrington, but I would also compare it to how Chris Simms looked on the field last preseason). Now I agree that this was his first time on the field, so it is way too early to make definitive judgements, but that trait, as well as some problems he was showing getting the ball past the line of scrimmage, are issues that he will definitely need to work on before he starts in this league consistently.
  9. CheeseheadTitan

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    Yeah...for some reason I thought it was at 10 central, so I am a bit late. Hopefully the second half will have the Titans announcers.

    Streaming was ok last night, but nothing beats TV (unless I am actually down there).
  10. Ten_Titans

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    Defense looked ok. 3rd down stops were hard to come by. They were a bend but don't break team yesterday, which is good to see after last season.

    Locker looked good. Couldn't really ask more from him.

    The offensive playcalling seemed really predictable, but that might be because it's just the first preseason game. The fade route with Locker in the red zone 2 times in a row was a WTF moment.

    I think people are riding CJ's you know what so hard that they refuse to see Ringer was solid when they let him run the ball. 3 for 17 yards. He ran north-south and showed a solid spin move.

    He fumbled once, and the botched handoff was 100% Hasstlebeck's fault. Not bad for the first preseason game.
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