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    SUMMARY: So dominant were the Cowboys that they were able to overcome a poor start and their first early deficit of the season when the Titans (0-4) turned an opening series interception into a field goal.

    On the next drive, however, the Cowboys went 80 yards on 12 plays. Julius Jones picked up 40 yards on six carries and Bledsoe completed 5-of-7 passes, including a 13-yard floater to Glenn in the corner of the end zone.

    Another 13-yard Glenn touchdown reception capped the Cowboys' next drive, and the Titans would get no closer than eight points the rest of the day.

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    I think they also had the longest run this season.

    It seems that every time a team plays the Titans, the players on that team end up with career highs or the team establish new records. It's just crazy.
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    t-t-t-that's Schwartz Folks!
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    I hate the fact that Julius Jones can say it was like a college game at the end 'Everyone getting in and having a go'...
    Used to be a time, even when we started losing at home that opposing players would still say hey this is the Titans, you always get a tough game here..
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