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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RollTide, Dec 26, 2013.

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    After reading through a lot of these posts, it seems like, unfortunately, there are no great options this year. Of RT's list (which was done before the Cutler extension) the only QB left that gets a second look from me would be Schaub, but that is not something I would be wild about outside of a replacement for Fitz....maybe.

    As I have mentioned before, I do not see a rookie QB worthy of a high first round pick this year either. I do like Jimmy G. as a 2nd rounder if still available.

    IMO our best (admittedly not optimum) move is to shop for a backup that is less of a turnover machine than Fitz, look for a developmental QB prospect in the draft, and give Locker one more chance to show that he can stay on the field and be consistent. My top choices for the vet backup and draft would be Schaub and Garappolo, but I am guessing that other teams like them as well at this point.

    I actually see a pretty decent possibility that we do nearly nothing here, and come back with Locker and Fitz. Not something that a lot of folks want to hear, but I think it is a distinct possibility.
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    IMO the only way this happens, is if we just cut Fitz outright and go with Wilson/rookie as a backup. By no means is Wilson a 'must keep' but I have a feeling he may stick around for longer than we know. I honestly don't see us pursuing a QB unless Wiz is dead set on getting on.
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    Shaub falls under things that make you go hmmmm......dude is not that bad, just everyone turned against him. Makes you wonder what kind of teammate he would be
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    Locker gets this year to prove himself and see if he can stay healthy, I'd go after Vick, sign Maclin and have Wilson as the 3rd. As we've seen with Rusty a 3rd doesn't play anyway. I'd rather have Vick go in over Fitz if Locker goes down, and if Vick goes down too see what Wilson can do.

    Manziel will be a Brown.
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