Vandy Will Embarrass the Vols This Weekend

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by XO, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. Finnegan2win

    Finnegan2win hopesfall2win Tip Jar Donor

    Dooley on the heat seat for what? Losing his best WR. Losing his QB for half the season? Taking over for Fulmer & Kiffin's messes? For having mostly freshmen playing?


  2. XO

    XO Nevada Native

    You guys are right.

    Tennessee is headed in the right direction.
    A 6 win season followed by a 5 win season.
    Zero impressive wins.
    Blown out constantly.

    Can't wait until next year. Maybe they will win 7 games!

    SEC East champs or bust in 2012.
  3. Good job, Franklin. Now if you could only beat Dooley you'd be on your way to the HOF.

    Hilarious that XO doesn't say a word all week after UT laid the smackdown...then comes on here pounding his chest. A chump will be a chump though I reckon.
  4. Finnegan2win

    Finnegan2win hopesfall2win Tip Jar Donor

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  5. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    I'm in favor of Dooley but man come on, no excuse to lose to UK.
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  6. Nope, there is no excuse. The team, mainly the offense, just didn't show up. Bray was awful and so was Rogers. The defense played very well aside from that first drive.

    I like Dooley as a person, but as a coach, I just don't know yet. I'll reserve judgement until he has a full deck to work with. I do know he lost a nice chunk if this fan-base today.
  7. World Peace

    World Peace Nephew Gunner

    LMAO! i thought UK was supposed to be one of the proverbial UTjr cupcake games just like vandy. Everybody take note of the UTjr bowl appearance recipe...

    schedule the following:

    3 mid majors
    1 sunbelt team
    UK= Bowl eligible?!

    LOL NOT THIS YEAR!!!! BAJAJJAJJAHHSBABBS HAHAHHA YET ANOTHER Typical UTjr Chokejob. Just like the Music City Bowl Chokejob. Just like the LSU choke job. Derek Dooley doesn't actually coach the team.. He just walks around practice with his hands around his neck making a choking mannerism. In 5 years, the only thing Tyler Bray will be playing on Sunday is his PS3!!! UTjr SUCKS LOLOLOL 1 conference win.. and Vandy took you to the limit.
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