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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Riverman, Jan 31, 2012.

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    GoT is kinda right about that stuff... Doesn't take away from anyone who gets accepted, but I did work with a black girl who was dumb as a turd... She got accepted with much lower test scores and GPA, etc than my friends and I.

    As far as I know, there is a quota at Vandy. They have to accept a certain number of different races.

    Universities need to be diverse, but at some point it's simply not fair to others who may be more qualified for acceptance. I'm not complaining personally because I don't think Vandy would've been right for me. They also don't have a Sports Management program which is what I'm looking to do.

    My mom and dad both went to medical school at Vandy.
  2. GoT

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    they dont have too do that, they choose too do that.
  3. Riverman

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    It is all what you make of it wherever you are. Finish strong. Grad schools and employers focus on the pattern of your performance wherever you attend.
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    Which is simply Vanderbilt being "politically correct."

    That is a bit of a stretch.

    During a prep visit, school officials made no apologies for not giving special consideration to state and regional applicants as other institutions do. Their national and international applications have sky-rocketed, particularly the highly competitive ones. (Median ACT was 32-34!) Vanderbilt HAS developed a reputation as being the "ivy league school" of the South over past 10 or more years because of this process. IMO, that is something of which Nashville (and TN) residents should be very proud.

    I understand the desire to use geographical preference as a means to enhance the cultural diversity and enrich the undergraduate student body and experience. And I understand it isn't specifically a race issue as some have suggested. However, I was born in GA and grew up in AL. I ALSO find the idea offensive that someone from this area might not have as much to offer to enrich the student body as a similarly qualified person from a different geographic region. But my daughter is not of a minority, is from this region and was accepted. Her numbers were competitive but I honestly believe her outstanding personal statement and "extra-curricular" activities outweighed any bias that might have been against her residence. So I just can't agree with anybody that would suggest Vanderbilt "views the locals with utter contempt."

    Anyway- this thread really wasn't intended to be about the school's admission policies or my daughter, it is about their basketball team. They have a tough game against Florida this Saturday at noon. I really would like to see them win that game. If they don't , I don't think they have a chance of cracking the top 25 after the loss to AK.
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