UT Athletic Department $200 Million In Debt

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by The Hammer, Jan 30, 2013.

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    The Indian lady from the TV commercials.

    ask me if I curr bout triple post pls
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    They give you 10k in 24 hours. You can pay it back in up to 7 years and pay about 50k back for the 10k loan. Basically a 10k loan on payday loan terms. LOL I guess we deserve it after trading them shiny goods for thousands of acres.

    I've thought of a few situations where it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a loan like that. Think about this. You went to vegas and you got drunk one night and bought a $100 12 Team NFL Parlay card and you are 11 for 11 and you picked the Jags (+7.5) in Foxborough on Thursday Night Football.

    Since you know you are getting paid if the Jags +7.5 comes through, and you know its highly likely the Pats will blow them out.. and you are thinking.. WHY THE **** DID I PICK THE JAGS? You go get the 10k. you fly to vegas and you put down that 10k in order to hedge and you get paid regardless and you ahve to pay the indian loan off plus like $500 extra.

    Being a gambler, I know someone who has been in this kind of situation. Instead of the indiana loan, he maxed out his CC's, drained his bank account, took out a Title Loan and went to LV and hedged on a MNF game and goood thing he did... because he picked the eagles and they got blown out but he still got paid.

    Other than some crazy circumstance like that.... never
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