USC native, Norm Chow student, Hiesman winner, national championships..............

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With the third pick who will we take?

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  1. Young

  2. Lienart

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  1. whitevick331

    whitevick331 Guest

    Well obviously Lienart looks better when you say that, but did anyone read that article on homepage, i think we should gamble, we do it every year anyways, why not suprise people and take young, hes like mcnair coming out of college, but i think better. And i dont think there is anyone here that thinks mcnair was a mistake, the thing is, even if young cant throw well in the league his first year, you can teach someone how to throw and read defenses, he isnt at his full potential yet, i think lienart is at his full potential! So who should we choose, who do you want, who do you think will help us win?
  2. fitantitans

    fitantitans This space For Rent

    I like Lienart. A Heisman and 2 National Championships speak for themselves. My gut is telling me the Titans will take Vincy though. Cutler is so far out of sight, he's lucky to go under #7.
  3. metal957

    metal957 Starter

    Geeee I wonder who I like so much and want for a QB could it be the guy that is in my signature under me?
  4. haha definately metal, but i would much rather have young not just because i like him more, but he has a tremendous upside that tennessee should be able to bring out in him, i mean look at mcnair they did the same thing with him
  5. dontdraftcutler

    dontdraftcutler We can't be that bad, can we?

    ...#7 in the 4th round? I'd agree with that assessment..:ha:
  6. metal957

    metal957 Starter

    Nice score one for the Big Man :ha:
  7. Architect

    Architect Pain Train

    I really want Vince. At least one of the three top quarter backs are gonna be a bust and ill be happy with our pick if in five years we have the best one.
  8. thnom

    thnom Camp Fodder

    I wouldn't be surprised if they all turned out to be busts to be honest. Leinart is a "successful" QB with BELOW average arm strength. Jay Cutler has the momentum which has carried him from round one to top-10 and could struggle like Kyle Boller. Vince Young could turn out to utter bollocks and struggle badly.

    I think they are all somewhat of a gamble - none are Carson Palmer or Peyton Manning. In terms of risk vs reward I'd say Cutler has the biggest upside as a passer; Young as a player. I don't mean that as a critiscm but I think Young could turn out to be Michael Vick (in my views - ****e) in terms of statistics.

    Why I dislike M. Vick:
    5 years in the league (1 developmental). 0 completed (16 games). 1 season injured. The rest he's played and started 15 games. His career completion % high is 56.4. The most yards in a season he's thrown is 2,936. The most TDs 16. He's gotten worse with time. His numbers (including rushing TDs) aren't impressive.

    Last year:
    2412 yards - 15 tds / 13 ints + 597 yards and 6 tds rushing. (3009 total yards with 21 tds / 13 ints).
    His TOTAL yards puts him in 16th (JUST PASSING YARDS WITH OTHER QBS). 9 other QBs threw more TDs than Vick TOTAL. Both Brett Favre and Kerry Collins both had 20. Vick had the 6th worse % in completions. Kerry Collins, Eli Manning, Gus Frerotte, Kyle Orton and JP Losman all had worse - not exactly top names.

    Why I am saying this? Well because quite frankly I wanted to rant. I'm sick of people saying Vicks name when they talk about the draft as if he's a success. In my eyes he's pretty much a failure. He may open up the run game but he's pretty much ruined the career of Peerless Price and I'm pretty sure he's gonna do it with Roddy White and that other dude they drafted. His total stats don't make him a top-5 QB - they just bring his below average arse back up to mediocre. Those numbers don't exactly fill you with confidence. He may run but he may ALSO get injured. Injury is worth the below average->mediocre step-up I suppose. David Carr has gotten worse but I think Michael Vick has gotten worse-r.

    I do wonder what teams would trade for M.Vick. I personally would trade a 4th round pick. I would however trade a 2nd for David Garrard.
  9. ya its funny that u say that because near the end of the season they were saying how much better of a passer he has become, he had come off a few 300+ pass yard games, so i dont think that u can say that hes gotten worse, hes just gotten better, he may not be the most accurate qb in the league but hes getting a lot better, and with his superior athleticism i wouldnt be surprised if he turns out to be one of the best, so i completely disagree with u
  10. Broken Record

    Broken Record Biscuit Eater Staff

    I personally think the whole argument is moot because I believe Young will be a better QB than Vick.
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