Upon Further Review: Titans at Eagles Grades

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  1. Bobo

    Bobo Guest

    I pretty much agree with all of that.

    Anyone notice TH is #5 in yards per game?
  2. Pit Bull #53

    Pit Bull #53 Guest

    To be somewhat fair, on that play, we had Vince rolling out of the pocket, and I'm pretty sure there was a defender there waiting for him on the rollout. I think he was more focused on how to evade that guy and he just quickly went straight to the shortest route to him.
  3. yep, has a 4.6 ypc too...
  4. hollister1

    hollister1 Guest


    we all no vince young hasnt been throwing the ball mutch but what he dont throw he makes up for running and thats why we got him in the first round becuase hes a young air mcnair and we need something that has michal vicks running style but eli mannings thrwoing lol but with time he well develop his arm and be able to maintain his self confedencse in throwing the ball.And when it comes to the defence were pretty solid but we give up alot of huge plays in the secondary and we lose alot of momentom in the 3rd and 4th quarters that gives team a chance to come back.
  5. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

  6. G Comp Att PCT YD Y/avg td int att yd td
    11 | 155 293 52.9 1749 6.0 9 18 | 38 302 0
    9 | 90 196 45.9 1074 5.5 6 8 | 42 226 3

    the first stats are hall of famer troy aikmen, the second VY

    vy has started 7 games and is 3-4 in those games with 2 games being 1pt losses.

    VY is LEARNING, so his passing is going to only improve. other qb's 1st year interceptions carr- 9 td 15 int. tom brady really didn't play 1st yr, 2nd threw 12, p manning 28 ints

    vy passing motion - ANYBODY that thinks this needs to change is an IDIOT. it is RARE to see a pass being knocked down from VY.

    this ROOKIE is a great leader, once he gets the speed of the NFL down, he will be one of the elite qb's and the Titans will be one of the best teams.
  7. FightinTitan

    FightinTitan Guest

    Yet another attempt to compare VY to another great passer.

    Lets be frank. VY was never known as a passing great or a passing guru. He has a crappy throwing motion, poor mechanics, and did not play in a traditional NFL-style drop back passing scheme in college.

    The other QBs some like to compare VY to, did play in a traditional NFL style passing offense in college. Even Steve McNair had a huge edge over VY in the passing department albeit he played a small division 1-AA progam, Alcorn State. He had decent trhowing mechanics and familiarity with a drop back style. Aikman flourished in the pro-style offense at UCLA, Steve Young thrived in a NFL style offense at BYU, Manning did the samme at UT.

    At this point, I would compare VY to Bobby Douglas. Douglas is the greatest running QB to ever play the game. He was a big great ahtlete. His arm was a cannon. The problem was his throwing touch and accuracy left a lot to be desired. But boy could he run and run he did.

    Thats where VY is at. He can run but his passing is not NFL standard. I'd venture to say most every rookie QB in the league has better passing skills than VY has. VY is a great athlete, but he is not going to improve in step wiith the Mannings, Aikman's, Montanas, Steve Young's of the NFL unless something dramatic happens in his development.


    Just to be fair to our rookie. Vince tried throwing the ball into the receivers hands.....but that didn't work. they kept dropping them. Maybe he's trying to throw it closer to the defender to help out our receivers a bit...

  9. avvie

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    A wise choice.
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