Upon Further Review: From Promise to Reality

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    SUMMARY: Some called it a Giant meltdown. Others call it the beginning of the Legend of Vince.

    Regardless of the reasons for the Titans 24-21 comeback win Sunday, I think it is fair to say the Titans are clearly headed in the right direction. Since the Cowboys embarrassing 45-14 loss, the Titans have had only one game they took a major step back in. Against quality teams such as the Colts and Ravens, both were winnable down to the wire. Against the Skins, Texans and Eagles, it wasn't always pretty but they found a way to victory.


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    I know what we need to look for position wise in free agency next offseason, but i am curious as to exactly who we are going to look to target/sign... would we draft a WR in the draft? Most mock drafts have us taking Gaines Adams or Leon Hall, but what are the odds of Dwayne Jarrett or Calvin Johnson?
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    Nice commentary...

    Nice article....but PLAYOFF run in '08? If our D doesn't get to mid of the pack or better, there will be no playoff run and the only thing we'll be shooting for is .500. You don't make the playoffs in a division with Indy and the Jags with a defense ranking last!

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