Unsung Titans Heroes

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by MJTitans, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Dave Ball

  2. Vincent Fuller

  3. Eric King

  4. Jake Scott

  5. Lavelle Hawkins

  6. Stephen Tulloch

  7. Other

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  1. psychotictitan

    psychotictitan Its About That Time...

    I would have to say Brandon Jones, argue with me if you want, but without his clutch plays we are not 9-0. When we were down against Baltimore,3rd and 6, he runs a post into the teeth of the Ravens defense,gets lit up and holds on to the rock for 26yds. Their are other players who have come up big but that play has been cemented in the back of my mind
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  2. KingTitan

    KingTitan aka CRONUS

    Vincent Fuller was our pick. He's shown himself to be a valiant knight and big-time back up.

    We also are impressed with the dynamic duo of backup DEs Jason Jones and Dave Ball! Together, they have 40 Tackles (J=22 and B=18) and 4 Sacks (2 each). Quite exceptional considering Jones is a Rook and Ball is a cast off of the Chargers and Jets with only 7 tackles in 3 previous years.

    We look with pride upon our Mighty Titans who are blessed with so many manly knights of honor!
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  3. ColtKiller

    ColtKiller Starter

    Absolutely right, I can't believe he wasn't the first name to come to mind when I opened this thread. He's bound to break one off and take it to the house sooner or later...
  4. ColtKiller

    ColtKiller Starter

    King I think even if I disagreed completely with what you had to say, I'd still enjoy reading it and be compelled to high five your post. However, I rarely disagree with anything you say, and along with your unique approach at posting it usually makes for quite an interesting read. Thanks guy
  5. Aday25

    Aday25 TITANSDAY

    i voted eric king because he's played outstanding for what he has been asked to do. Granted he's obviously not good enough at this point to be a starter and hasn't made any flashy plays, but he does his job.
  6. titansfan769

    titansfan769 Starter

    though im not sure if i would vote for him Chris Carr needs to be on this list. He has been putting us in great field position all season long which is a big contributor to or success. Overall though my vote goes to Eric King beacuse he has been so huge in coverage. If Tony Brown was on this list it would be for him beacuse he is a work horse and with KVB out he has been a huge contributor. If our front 4 are healthy they are the best in football hands down untouchable
  7. 10ECTyrant

    10ECTyrant What!

    lets face it, our team is pretty solid from top to bottom. awards to all...........lol
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  8. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

  9. wplatham

    wplatham U of M Class of 2012

    I'm going to break it down by category because there are too many to just award one.

    First of all, my offensive unsung hero has to be Bo Scaife. During the offseason, we brought in Alge Crumpler to be "the guy" at tight end, which supposedly relegated Scaife to a situational player at best. Not so fast! Bo Scaife has been the most reliable receiver on the team. He's made countless acrobatic catches, and gained an untold number of first downs. Scaife is the team's leading receiver. Definitely an unsung Titans hero.

    My defensive unsung hero is Tony Brown. Albert Haynesworth is the first name that comes to mind when you think of the Titans defensive line. But over the last few weeks, Brown has showed that he is also a difference maker. With KVB sidelined by a groin injury, and Big Al under the weather, Tony Brown has picked up the slack. He's made several tackles for loss in key situations. Some of his plays have looked Albert-esque. He's a big part of why our defense has been so dominant. Not bad for an undrafted free agent out of the University of Memphis.

    Special teams unsung hero is without a doubt Chris Carr. Carr's signing over the offseason brought criticism on GM Mike Reinfeldt from many of the people on this board. Many called it a waste of money on an average returner. Maybe they were right. Chris Carr has done nothing...except become one of the top returners in the NFL.
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  10. With the injury to KVB, Ball's presence has been so important to keeping the pressure on and the ship steaming ahead. Tulloch's success has brought him to a level of recognition that he's not really 'unsung' at this point, being seen as important cog in the machine. Though I didn't vote for him, I love the recent but limited play of Eric King, and would never have predicted his development to this point. King could be on the verge of something out there...hope so.
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