UNC Guard Jon Cooper drawing heavy interest from Titans

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by KyTitansFan, Mar 26, 2013.

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    I made the mauler comment based off of what I have been seeing from Chance. I know the videos above don't tell the whole story, but look at the offense North Carolina ran compared to the offense Alabama ran. Alabama is physical upfront (which is what we have been missing). North Carolina is running a spread scheme. Also, the competition in the ACC is alot different than what you will face in the SEC.

    If we ran more screens, sweeps, etc., then I would agree Cooper would be a good fit because of his athleticism, but I am looking for the team to be more PHYSICAL upfront and this is what Warmack is known for.

    Not disagreeing per se, but I want the more physical interior o-lineman over the more athletic interior o-lineman (especially with Cooper basically being a Levitre clone - athleticism wise).
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    I get what you mean but I guess my disagreement comes from the fact that I believe Cooper to be just as physical as Warmack. I base that off watching him at the point of attack. He always either stalemates the guy or enforces his will. Scheme and all that is just a way of putting you in a position to be successful, I'm focusing on what he does when he gets there.

    The ACC may not be the SEC but they have serious players too. Not every team is the SEC is Bama, FSU, there are some "decent" teams that aren't much better than the good ACC teams in there as well. Legitimate NFL talent comes out of the ACC every year. Our reigning Defensive Rookie of the Year is an ACC product.

    Also keep in mind that Chance played on arguably the best O-line in college football history, that helps pick up any slack.
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    I would still take the best defensive guy in the first round and grab this guy in the second.

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    That's entirely backwards
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    The scheme: Johnson did run for 2,000 yards in Mike Heimerdinger’s scheme that featured zone-running principles. Under Dowell Loggains as offensive coordinator, the Titans will be more intent on returning to a similar philosophy.

    It’s not the best fit for Johnson, at least not as the singular, primary ball carrier. Johnson looks to be creative in searching for room. Zone schemes call for a guy to make a cut and go, not consider and reconsider the path.

    “CJ would be decent in that scheme but far from ideal,” said ESPN's Matt Williamson. “You need to be decisive and, when you see it, really hit it. And generally, that fits a bigger back. CJ can certainly hit it at times when he sees it and can take it the distance, but he is far from an Alfred Morris type that consistently churns out yardage, albeit in smaller chunks, run after run.”

    If the Titans put Johnson in a timeshare, how will he react to it? My guess is not well. Will that disrupt the locker room and create a headache for coaches and management? Will it lead him to mope? It sure could.
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    I remember multiple reports from the first year of palmers ghetto offense, that the o line was having a hard time switching to the zone blocking scheme. Maybe even from the o line players themselves.
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    Yep, Palmer was a zone blocking scheme. Espn is wrong here.
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    Can't go wrong either way, but yeah, it seems as if Cooper would be the better fit right now...

    It wouldn't hurt having a mauler opposite Levitre though...
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    Warmack > Cooper but I wouldn't be upset with either. Of course we are showing a top G interest but there is no need to take it as the writing on the wall. Were going to show interest in ton of people were just doing our due diligence on players.

    I see a defensive player as the top guy on the board when we pick so a def. player and Warford is more appealing to me than a top G and a WR/Def. player.
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    No C/G in top 10!!!! Cleveland has two solid 1st round picks on their OL.. and their team SUCKS!

    You have to have a solid offensive core first.. and how many great teams' OLs were built from a bunch of 1st round picks? I think we've made the right moves to take multiple steps forward this year already.

    I just consider a top 10 pick to be a prized commodity, not one to be thrown away on a grinding OL, when you can get one of the 10 most gifted prospects in the world coming out this year.

    FTR, I think the problem last year was only partly personnel. We blamed Amano, and our OL was just as bad or worse when he was gone. It was a structural and coaching problem, not only a personnel problem. Throwing picks at it does not necessarily fix the problem. It takes 5 good players for a competent OL, and spending a top 10 pick on that one position doesn't automatically make this terrible line great.... Roos and Stewart weren't even that good last year. If we're gonna redo it, let's redo it..

    IMO, if you're reaching for a Guard in the top 10.. time to trade back.
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