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  1. While it's somewhat true that when Vince came in to UT, er sorry, Texas, there were some doubters, he was also the #1 rated High School player in the country, so no one doubted that he wasn't good, some just doubted if "his game would translate to the next level".... sounds familiar, doesn't it. And you are correct, Vince redshirted his first year, so technically he was a redshirted Freshman when he first saw the field (alternating series with a more conventional QB, Chance Mock). And typical of a rookie, he made his share of boneheaded plays (as well as some truely spectacular ones). These mistakes sometimes got compounded by the fact that at the time, the Texas coaching staff was trying to "mold" Vince into being a more prototypical QB, figiting with his footwork and altering his arm motion and release point.

    It was only after they stopped screwing with his mechanics and 'let Vince be Vince' that his confidence shot up and his spectacular to boneheaded ratio went through the roof. The did NOT stop coaching him, as is often parroted by his critics, in fact Vince redoubled his efforts off the field and in the film room, knowing that is what it would take to be a better player.

    So that will be the interesting question now that he's with the Titans. Vince will take his lumps, make his mistakes and pick himself up and do better next time, but will the Titans staff be adaptive and inventive enough to mold thier gameplan to fit the unique talent that the now have.

    Chow may be just the man to do it, but he also has a reputation for excelling with a more conventional QB's. And in the pro's, you don't often have the luxury of time to tinker around to see what's the best fit.

    It'll be fun to watch.
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    It better not. :closemout
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