Ugoh out of Colts line picture, at least for now

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Tony Ugoh has been back from a groin injury for three weeks. Since his return, he's been watching Charlie Johnson do his job.

    [​IMG]Ugoh As injuries have forced the Colts to turn to all sorts of offensive line contingency plans this season, one thing they weren't planning on was a demotion for Ugoh. But that appears to be what's happened.

    When camp opened, veteran Charlie Johnson was supposed to battle rookie Mike Pollak for the starting right guard spot that opened with the free-agency departure of Jake Scott to Tennessee.

    But Pollak was out of the picture for the first three games with a knee injury. And Johnson started the first two games at left guard, where Ryan Lilja remains on the PUP list.

    For the last three weeks, the line has settled down and been the same. Left to right: Johnson, Jamey Richard, Jeff Saturday, Pollak, Ryan Diem.

    "We'll see what happens," Johnson said. "I think finally we've had a group of five guys who've been able to play for more than a week at a time. Hopefully we can get a core group like that and try to play it out. But we'll just see what happens... I feel like I've played well, I feel like I've kept the quarterback clean."

    The leader of the line, Saturday, doesn't know that any sort of shakeup is on the horizon. (That makes me a little weary; the way the Colts operate we could now see multiple changes Monday night).

    "I think Chuck is playing well," Saturday said. "I think we kept the pressure off Peyton [Manning] pretty much all night [in Green Bay]. Charlie did a good job blocking down the left side. It's tough when guys are playing that well to take somebody out of the rotation... Whoever is in there is going to play well for us, and right now that's Chuck."

    Ugoh got a ton of credit last season for stepping in as a rookie and replacing the retired Tarik Glenn.

    Why might Ugoh have fallen out of favor? The Colts are largely a finesse team, but a couple scouts have told me even in that context Ugoh can be too soft.

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    Is Bob Sanders going to be active for the game on Monday?
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    ^who knows. Even if he is, he'll probably fall to another injury walking in to the stadium.
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    don't matter cause the :coltssuk: with Ugho and the :coltssuk: without him. Saturday sucks, Gayton sucks, that horrific shade of blue they wear sucks, and I finally figured out why they use and upsidedown Omega for the symbol of their suckitude

    Omega is the 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet. The word literally means "great O"

    so hanging it upsidedown would be the opposite or Terrible O just like Salmon is the opposite of Tuna
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