Two Titans leave camp to speak at O.J. Murdock’s funeral

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    [float][​IMG][/float] O.J. Murdock, the Tennessee Titans receiver who committed suicide on Monday, will be eulogized at his funeral on Saturday by two of his teammates.

    Titans tight end Jared Cook and wide receiver Damian Williams have both been excused from Saturday’s practice so they can attend Murdock’s funeral in Tampa.

    Murdock was with the Titans for a little less than a year and spent all of last season on injured reserve, so most of his teammates never got the chance to know him well. But Cook was Murdock’s roommate at South Carolina and Murdock lived with Williams in Nashville during the spring.

    It is going to be sad,” Cook told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “His mom asked me and Damian to say something. I appreciate the team letting Damian and I go down there, especially to represent the Titans. We want to pay our last respects. I have some good memories of O.J. I just want to be able to tell part of his story.”

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