Turner struggled?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. TitansWrath

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    I suspect we will be drafting a running back in the first three rounds as well to replace cj.

    I just don't think he's worth the money, and he doesn't really mesh with the style this team send to want to run.

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    I'd like to first see how CJ operates in open space, Pittsburgh's Defense does a good job of closing off running lanes and flocking to the ball. It's not easy to get going vs that defense. Ray Rice is one of the leagues best runners, but most games vs Pitt he's only good for about 50 yards.

    The longest run of the day was 11-yards by CJ, lets wait to see how he does vs Houston before planning his going away party.
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  3. rodgev

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    Agreed CJ will be okay. Nobody runs on Pittsburg they are very sound in there assignments,they run blitz alot and they tackle well when they get to you. CJ isn't breaking alot of tackles never really has and the cutback is not there versus Pittsburg like it is with other teams because they stay home and don't over pursue.
  4. J Falk

    J Falk Starter

    First of all, Gooden is strictly an outside linebacker. What makes you think the coaches are even considering playing him in the middle? Not to mention he was a late 3rd round pick who was projected to go 5th or 6th, so he has a lot of proving to do before we even throw his name in the mix.

    Second, Fokou isn't nearly good enough to be a full time starter. Eventually, McCarthy will win the job back, and then McCarthy will probably get hurt again. MLB will be a need at the end of the season.

    And oh yeah, I forgot to mention safety being a probable need. Bernard is only on a 1 year deal. As of now, I'd like to bring him back, but it's a long season...Also, If Griffin doesn't show up this season, I could definitely see us parting ways with him once and for all.
  5. titan_fan_4ever

    titan_fan_4ever Titans Rule

    I can't say I remember Turner struggling per say, but I do recall a lot of PIT defenders in the backfield and a lot of times, from right up the middle. Course the exotic blitzes, opening week and what not, but still, I'm convinced it was not as bad as he said.

    Also, another article pointed out that Turner really helps Jake identify blitzing players with pre-snap calls. Thats huge, I'm sure Valz did that, but probably not like Rob (or else there wouldn't have been an article). Tbh I'd rather have Valz than Rob (PIT got a solid and better than average C), but not for 2M.

    I also saw an article that talked about Walker. Not the best performance from him in terms of run blocking (or pass catching as well). He was the one that allowed Jarvis to jump CJ for a big loss unblocked. He also didn't get Woodley on 3rd and short. I know he's just coming back, and from the small sample size, you can already tell the dude is a beast, but he needs clean up a bit.

    I'm getting tired of Stewy. His play is not backing up his penalties anymore. I know he's also recovering from injury, but if he continues to struggle, this will definitely be his last year. It feels like almost every game now he's called for either holding or a personal foul - or both. He also really struggles with smaller/faster guys rushing to the outside.
  6. Kaeotik

    Kaeotik Pro Bowler

    I thought Stewart got an undeserved pass from many Titans fans last year. He was pretty bad before his injury. Even Roos appeared to have problems last year that he didn't in years past.
  7. titan_fan_4ever

    titan_fan_4ever Titans Rule

    Easy there budz.... When you play on a garbage line w/ a horribly designed offense that your QB can't handle, its hard to stand out. BUT Roos all in all, was his usual dominant self.

    Want some proof other than my astute eyes (I rewatched a lot of games even though we sucked b/c I had GamePass and made it a point to watch our line - Roos and Valz both played great ball), here you go:

    Pro Football Focus rated Tennessee Titans left tackle Michael Roos as the third-best player at his position last year.

    PFF is projecting 2013 expectations for its top-rated players from last season.

    Here’s what Ben Stockwell says about Roos.
    Analysis: Even through a change at quarterback -- from quick-release Matt Hasselbeck to slow-release Jake Locker -- Roos' performance did not waver and he even improved to register his highest season grade since the Titans' last playoff appearance in 2008. Roos graded negatively in pass protection only once all season and his performance was one of the few constants in a disappointing season for Tennessee.

    ESPN: He made their top 100 list... enough said...

    Back to PFF:
    Stock Up: Michael Roos (+11.8 – Week 14-17)
    Perhaps one of the most underrated tackles in the league, Roos was consistent all through last season but especially in the final month. Over the second half of the season Roos only let up seven pressures (1 Sk, 3 Ht, 3 Hu) in seven games and had some of his better run blocking games (+2.6 vs Jacksonville) in the final month.


    I rest my case....
  8. Kaeotik

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    I completely agree that his play improved late in the season. Personally, it looked to me like he struggled at times last year though. I hope I'm mistaken and he's never fallen off at all.
  9. Thaddeus43

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    Not worried about Walker at all ... honestly, I was surprised that he played as much as he did and contributed at all. I mean, he did miss the entire TC and preseason, so he probably has a lot of rust to knock off and still has to get on the same page as everyone else.

    Taking that into consideration, I thought he had a decent game against PIT and will only get better as the season progresses.

    But yeah, I definitely think we should target an RT early in the draft next year. Maybe a guy that can play LT, but use him to replace Stewart at RT until Roos moves on, then slide the draft pick over to LT and draft another RT
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  10. HoustonTitan

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    i dont necessarily think turner struggled... it was pittsburgh so he aint gonna win every snap, no one does...

    but we should draft a tackle early in the draft next year...
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