TSU’s Gaines keeps an eye on Michael Roos

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    INDIANAPOLIS Tennessee State offensive tackle Rogers Gaines doesn’t have to look far to find one of his idols.

    He plays for the Titans – left tackle Michael Roos. Gaines said he’s picked up pointers along the way by watching the eighth-year pro. It’s helped make him a better player, he said.

    “I like watching Michael Roos,’’ said Gaines, who’s from White House. “We are actually built the same – 6-7, long arms, about 320 and can move. I’ve learned a few things from him, just watching how he works. He is an All-Pro tackle, and anything I can see, I am taking.”

    Gaines is here at the Combine hoping to prove to NFL scouts he belongs in the league himself. He’s already interviewed with over a dozen teams.

    “Everybody is here for a reason,’ he said. “But coming from Tennessee State, a smaller school, I know I have to impress people above and beyond. Just because I didn’t play in the SEC or Big 10, I think I have more to prove. I have to show (scouts) I can handle it.”

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