Troy Polamalu Int?

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  1. Puck

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    Long Enough means he had possession and made a 'football move'
    that's the 5th time in this thread I've used that phrase
    even though I don't think rolling over is a football move
    maybe it is
    like I said, authority needs to be given to someone in the booth
    so that they may further deliberate on these plays

    these on-field :45 second peep shows are far from adequate
    TV viewers have close to 2-3 minutes to look at it before the on-field ref pokes his head under that cloak

    also, I don't believe that they get the same feeds as the networks
    so they might not get as good of angles as we do on TV

  2. Vigsted

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    I know, but see Pereira also said "The rule regarding the performing of an act common to the game applies when there is contact with a defensive player and the ball comes loose, which did not happen here.". That's why I'm a little annoyed with the explanation.

    Agreed. However I believe they get the same pictures as we do, however it seems that sometimes the producers don't find the really good angles until after they're done looking (they have what 24 cameras or something for big games?).

    And Gunny, if you don't fight for your beliefs, what do you fight for? Besides, somebody need to provide entertainment around here, and I thank Puck for playing along :thumb:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.