Troupe going the way of Calico?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Riverman, Sep 25, 2006.

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  1. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor

    Not really comparing the injuries, just the history. He's had his share.

    My main point is I feel an impending sense of underachievement, failed project or plain bust for our #2 pick. We heard alot of hype about him, the same we heard about Calico and like Calico we are just waiting (for the breakout) .....and waiting....and waiting... and waiting.....
  2. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    How is Troupe a failed project? It isn't like he was a DE who moved to TE. He was a little slow picking up the offense his rookie year but had a solid year last year (#12 in the league). We are only 3 games into the season. Instead of looking at what Scaife is doing as a postitive now we slam Troupe because he is being outplayed. Troupe has 64 yards recieving right now and Scaife has 118. If they end the season with Scaife having double the yardage barring injury I'll be very surprised. Randy McMichael has less yardage than Troupe and I doubt Miami is getting on edge.

    Of Scaife's 7 catches this year how many occured in garbage time against SD? The answer is 3 catches for 53 yards in the last drive. That is almost 50% of Scaife's production for the year on that last drive of that game (when SD had their scrubs in) and is the main difference in his production for the year and Troupes. Also everyone seems to remember Troupes missed pass that ended up being an int but Scaife's fumble was even more damaging. I think it is great that Scaife is playing so well but I'm not going to use his play to slam Troupe. Often TE production comes in streaks and many TEs have games where they don't catch many passes. Troupe will have his moments this year and the organization I'm sure is looking for him to be a longterm keeper unlike Calico who never even cracked the lineup.
  3. Brian

    Brian Big Fan


    (on stepping up)

    “I feel I need to step up every game. I have to take it seriously and give it all I got in every game; I owe it to my teammates.”

    Gee thanks Bo. You mean like laughing off your goalline fumble after Miami misses a 30 yard FG on the ensuing drive? Gee thanks. At least you already had that TD to fall back on.
  4. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    I don't think anyone called him "failed". I certainly am not implying that. But he has disappointed so far.

    Do you think Troupe has played up to the billing so far?

    I'll take a streak anytime.
  5. Nine

    Nine Starter

    159 I've got a few minutes to defend my pro-Troupe positon. :)

    There's no question that Troupe's production has been somewhat less than expected....that's a given. But there's a reason for that, and I can explain it in two words:

    Norm Chow.

    I'm normally not a Chow basher, but as a rookie OC, Chow's offensive approach completely underutilized and misused Troupe's ability. Instead of using Ben's size and speed to create mismatches in the secondary, he used him primarily as a safety valve, or for those all-too-infuriating TE screens. Simply put, he took Troupe, a 6'4" 270 lb. TE, and turned him into a glorified third-down back.

    (Hey, you might call me crazy, but when I see a guy who's 6'4", 270 lbs.... "third down back" is the last thing that comes to mind.)

    Throughout the entire season, I noticed (and posted) that they never even attempted to send Troupe down the field; they put a ten-yard leash on him and kept him hovering around the LOS for almost the entire season. In otherwords, they had the proverbial thoroughbred pulling the milkwagon.

    Finally, in week 14 against the Seahawks, Chow took the leash off and started using Troupe to challenge the secondary. The result? 6 catches, 116 yards.

    Funny how guys tend to do better when allowed to use their ability, huh?

    Fortunately, Chow has realized that he screwed up last year.....partially, anyway. Troupe's number isn't getting called as much as I'd like, but we're finally seeing his size and speed being used to create mismatches in the secondary, with very solid results. In only three receptions, Troupe has already had two spectacular gamebreaker-type plays, turning a couple of five-yard dink-and-dunk passes into a pair of 30+ yard gains.

    Granted, his hands are relatively average. And of course, his INT against the Jets was absolutely far the single biggest mistake of his entire career. But the fact is, on the entire Titans' roster, Troupe is second only to Pacman Jones for raw excitement and playmaking ability. Sure, Troupe will have the occasional dropped pass or missed opportunity....but given the chance, he'll turn right back around and make a spectacular play to re-energize the entire team.

    From what Troupe has shown us thus far, there's no way Chow can overlook him much longer. I fully expect to see Troupe assuming a bigger and bigger role in the offense this year...and by year's end, the entire league will learn what Titans have known for a while now: Ben Troupe is truly one of the most exciting players in the league. All he needs is a chance to prove it.
  6. Sledge

    Sledge Guest

    If anything, I would say Troupe is going the way of Volek. The clowns running this team have no idea what talent is apparently. It took two injuries to put in Stewart, it's taking forever to put in VY and move on, it's taking them forever to realize Lamont Thompson is a joke. Soon Troupe will ask for a trade, and probably have his wish granted...
  7. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    Riverman is the one who mentioned him being a failed project. As far as Troupe playing up to his billing so far I guess not because he had a slow start to his career. However we can see he has it, the talent to make plays and he has in the past. He had a solid season last year where although he shared touches with two other TEs was able to finish 12th in the NFL in yards (Kinney was 11th). As a TE it is much harder to get the ball thrown your way than if you are one of the two top WRs. He can only catch what the QB throws his way and part of the problem could be the scheme isn't utilizing his talents. If Troupe was our only other TE, like the more noted TEs are in this league his numbers would be better. I agree he nees to show more but certainly he isn't in the Calico category, not even close and Troupe is a force defensive coordinators have to consider in their game plan.
  8. LT21Titans27

    LT21Titans27 Tebow Apostle

    troupe is the best TE on the team
  9. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow! Tip Jar Donor

    troupe had more catches in one season than calico had in his entire career. nuff said.
  10. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Like Brown and many others, I think production is the gauge we measure these guys. I'm tired of hearing how talented someone is if they are not making plays on Sunday.

    Troupe needs to be a playmaker and someone opponents need to scheme to stop. Not only that, it's time he is consistent with his production. Until he can be that player, I think it's fair to say he's a disappointment.
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