Trimming Roster to Final 53 Not Related to Salary Cap

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    SUMMARY: Titans GM Floyd Reese said the salary cap will not be the key issue in deciding roster moves when the team trims the roster to 53 on Saturday. "It's just part of the influence this year instead of the (biggest) influence," he said. The Titans cap situation is currently healthy even after the addition of Kerry Collins this week. Reese hinted that he may begin looking at extended contracts with a few players such as TE Ben Troupe, T Jacob Bell, WR Drew Bennett or DT Albert Haynesworth. "We'll turn around and start looking at guys to redo or extend," Reese said. "I'm sure they are here. We're not sure exactly who they all are." Some of the prorated money used for signing bonuses could be used against room they have left in the '06 cap.

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Thread Status:
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