Trading Johnson To Fisher & Rams For #2 Pick Overall;

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by JimmyTitan, Mar 6, 2014.


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    If we wanted to get something for him we'd probably have to trade him for a 6th or 7th round pick. No one wants to inherit his contract. The only way we could tempt teams with a trade is by asking for next to nothing.
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  2. nickmsmith

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    yeah.. not worth moving up almost 10 spots in the 1st round.

    Someone may be willing to give up a 3rd or later for him.. if we're lucky.

    Some teams may think his RIGHTS are worth more than a 5th rd pick for example.

    If he hits FA, and is a commodity (for some reason) then HE has the choice where he signs. You trade for his rights, and what's left on his contract.. and he is yours.

    It happens in hockey all the time.

    If there is a player I really wanted.. I would sure as heck trade a 4th-7th rd pick to secure the fact that he will be on my team.. especially if I'm a team that nobody wants to go to.. like the Jags (although CJ may want to go there)

    I wonder if the Titans could eat part of his cap hit. That would make him more movable.. if we kept 2 million of his salary.
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    I heard Fisher wants VY instead!

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    Thats where I hope he goes, get to see his sorry ass twice a year
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  5. RavensShallBurn

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    I'm not even sure this warrants a response since we all know this is an impossible scenario.

    CJ has had no trade value the moment he signed that big contract a few years ago. Teams may be interested in him, but for his price no one wants the guy.

    This would have been plausible (and even probable$) after the 2009 season... I even suggested trading him after that season. Why? Because I knew he was a 3-4 year back at best... And sell high when you can.

    The sky's the limit on what we could have done had we traded him after that season.

    Could have easily taken a high 1st round pick and maybe an additional player.
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