Tom Brady sells home to Dr. Dre for equivalent of 133,333 headphones

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by JCBRAVE, Jun 3, 2014.


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    I'm a practical person tho, no way I'd sink $40M into a house. My parents house is around $1.8 and that'd be more than enough for me. All those extra rooms just scream unwanted guests. Give me a simple 5 BR with a nice piece of property and I'm good.
  2. Big TT

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    List price doesn't mean build price necessarily. He might have built it for less. Just saying. Not my style, but it is nice. Now on to BEATS....seems I took up several of those toward the end of the year when students decided the rules didn't apply. LOL And yes in 15 years we will have a generation that is hard of hearing.
  3. avvie

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    Look around the net and you'll find studies by people who know wtf they're talking about ranking Beatz as the worst pos headphones on the market anywhere, and they're being sold at an insultingly high price which tells you that Dre thinks we're nothing mlre than stupid cash cows. And he's right.
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