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    This may have already been posted. If so, i will delete. If not, check this out.

    Kiper’s ESPN counterpart Todd McShay is currently projecting the Titans will take Alabama guard Chance Warmack, who is projected by Kiper as the 18th overall pick by Dallas.

    Kiper said he has good grades for Warmack, who along with North Carolina’s Jonathan Cooper (projected at 11th by San Diego), are the top two guards in Kiper’s current forecast.

    “With Warmack it’s, ‘Who is going to be the first guard taken? Is it going to be Jonathan Cooper from North Carolina or will it be Warmack?’ ” Kiper said. “I still have Warmack slightly ahead of Cooper. (They are) different styles of players. Chance is a power guy, dominant player".

    I hope that goes to plan!
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  3. Alex1939

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    Wait, so your article that bashes McShay is due to McShay not liking Clausen and real NFL scouts liking Clausen.

    Uh... McShay was right.
  4. The Hammer

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    Oh yes, I know. However if you read further:

    “McShay does not have any good connections,” the source opined. “Higher-ups in the league think he is an arrogant *******. A know-it-all. And he really knows nothing. Whatever he says about a quarterback, take it to the bank, it will be the opposite. Remember, last August he stated that Jevan Snead was better than Colt McCoy and would get drafted in the top five. He has yet to publicly retract that statement.
    “One of the reasons the kid came out was because of what McShay said. The family thought McShay knew and everyone else was wrong. . . . He has problems with game management, accuracy and leadership among other things, but pretty boy Todd thought he was great because of one good game (the Cotton Bowl) a year ago. McShay is a pretty face who comes across like he knows what he is talking about. He does have good presence, but knows nothing.”
    A common name we’ve heard when it comes to McShay is Andre Woodson. McShay championed Woodson during the 2007 season. Woodson ended up being a sixth-round pick, and he’s now out of the league.
    The teams knew that Woodson wasn’t as good as McShay was saying. The problem is that the player and his family don’t have access to what the teams are thinking. The player and his family see and hear the stuff that gets played on television, and they tend to believe it when ESPN attaches to the talking head the phony, official-sounding title of “director of college scouting.”
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    Not that I am defending anyone from ESPN, as most of them are awful, but, Woodson played 4 years at Kentucky and was considered a high pick by a lot of people. So he didn't leave early or anything based on a draft projection from Todd McShay. He put up great #s at Kentucky. His problem was a long delivery and in workouts teams realized he wasn't going to be able to change it very easily, so he fell a lot in the draft. And with regards to Snead, plenty of people had him projected as a top 10 pick going into his JR year, not just McShay. THe problem, is he had a horrible JR year but for some reason decided to come out anyway. At the time of the draft, I dont remember anyone projecting him to be an early round pick (although it is somewhat surprising he wasn't drafted at all). But, going into his JR year Pete Prisco from CBS had him projected as the #1 overall pick, Kiper had him in the top 10, and McShay also had him as a first rounder. But again, he had an awful JR year and never should have left. Basically, I am not sure you can blame McShay for Snead leaving, since going into his JR year plenty of people had him right up there with Sam Bradford as the top QB prospect.
  6. xhrr

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    You absolutely can't blame McShay for Snead leaving. These guys don't just talk to one scout and make a decision. They talk to many different people and personnel before they make a bold decision like that. There are millions of dollars at stake if you think Snead left because of McShay your out of your mind Snead left because he is a *******.

    BTW I'm not a fan of McShay but a claim like that is rediculous.
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    McShay and Kiper are both fools. But they get paid to make risky assestments, that's why they're TV guys and not in NFL front offices.
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  8. RollTide

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    So did a lot of scouts and draft services. And look at how many nfl GMs passed on Rogers. Mcshay was not alone.

    Nobody hates a guy for being dumb. If McShay is disliked by scouts it is because they see him as a threat somehow.
  9. RollTide

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    Look at how many nfl GMs passed on Rogers. Actually Brohm was in the same draft as Matt Ryan. Rogers was in the same draft as Alex smith.

    Nobody hates a guy for being dumb. If McShay is disliked by scouts it is because they see him as a threat somehow.

    At one point in the process Mayock had Gabbert as the #1 QB and Newton 3rd and kapernick 7th.

    Of course we all know that every GM in the league passed on Tom Brady at least 5X and that was after he beat Bama in an orange bowl.
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    You could take any of these so called "Experts" and find numerous examples of them making bone head rankings or picks and the real guys who do this for a living (some how people forget the real experts work for NFL teams) don't have a great track record either.
    If we get into the discussion about QBs just about all these baffoons had Manning and Ryan Leaf neck and neck with some liking Leaf for his stronger arm.

    The fact are none of us can see into the future. Some people don't even have 20-20 hindsight. Two of best QBs in the NFL are Rodgers and Brady. Another is a guy who lasted into the 2nd round. We saw this year a 2nd round QB that was going to be a masive project coming from a pistol offense take his team to the SB in only his nd season while the 1st pick in the draft watched on the bench. Russel Wilson is an abolute stud and he was picked in the 3rd round. I bet the Titans, Jags and Vikings would all trade their 1st round QBs for that guy and WIlson out hined them in his rookie season.
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