Titans Wrap Up May OTAs

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    SUMMARY: The Titans ended the May OTAs and will not meet again until June 13 though many players will remain in town to workout at Baptist Sports Park. Only six of the 14 official on-field practices remains before training camp begins on July 26. Titans Coach Jeff Fisher hopes a number of injured players will be ready to make a return. "June is going to be a big month for us to get some people back," Fisher said. "Hopefully we’ll get LenDale White back doing some work in June. He won’t be full-speed, but we’ll get him out." Among the Titans who could not participate this month due to injury was WRs Drew Bennett and Roydell Williams and DEs Antwan Odom and Kyle Vanden Bosch.

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    Fisher on Calico:
    “Physically you see no signs of the injuries,” Fisher said. “He’s working hard, catching the ball and doing fine.”

    That's an interesting quote with the way it's worded. Is it another way of saying "but Mentally he's still hurt - he catches the ball and looks to fall to the ground to avoid contact."?
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