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    This is a little of an eye opener as to why Beasley looks like hes not playing hard at times

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  2. steverife

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    Everybody at 29 is gonna have flaws. I've watched him a lot live and he does a lot of good.

    There are other guys I want more, but wouldn't be mad at taking him at all.
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  3. J Falk

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    I think he can do either. Give him an extra 10 pounds on a good strength program and dude slides into a 3-4 5 tech spot seamlessly.

    Like i said, he can do both....great change of pace pass rusher so we wouldn't have to only rely on beasely and landry speed rushing the edge.

    Casey was amazing here and ill always have good things to say about him, but having 3 finesse guys on your dline isnt a good recipe in my opinion. I believe Epinesas dominant bullrush move would be an added welcome to our front 7.
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  4. SRW293

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    Signed today
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  5. abc2330

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    The best value signings of NFL free agency: Five deals that the numbers love

    There's a pretty decent chance that the Falcons' secondary was the real culprit behind Beasley's low sack totals over the past couple of seasons. He had eight last season, and five in each of the previous two, after recording 15.5 in 2016.

    But Beasley's pass rush win rate (PRWR) -- an ESPN Stats & Information metric powered by NFL Next Gen Stats player tracking -- ranked 15th among qualified edge rushers last season, just one spot below Yannick Ngakoue with a very similar double-team rate. A year ago, Beasley ranked fifth in the same category (while Ngakoue was 27th).

    To me, this says a one-year, high-upside $9.5 million risk flier on Beasley is absolutely worth it. While the situations aren't exactly the same -- Beasley is a former first-round pick with a 15.5-sack season under his belt and is being paid more -- if anyone is most likely to pull off a Barrett-style breakout on a one-year deal this season, it's Beasley.
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  6. TitansWrath

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    Wish we had signed him for more than one year...
  7. titanflamer

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    I think he is going to be a much needed addition, but I expect to see more.
    It's no secret that a big part of loosing the afc championship game was due to their Qb being so uncontested.
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  8. TitansWrath

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    That is certainly a huge part of why we lost the afccg.

    But no defense is capable of shutting down Mahomes and Co for 4 quarters. The offense needed to put up more points to Hang with them too.

    The chiefs are at their peak now. As are the Ravens. Right now they are able to build stacked rosters to compliment their cheap rookie deal qbs. Soon they will be paying those qbs 40 mil a year, and will have much less talent around them. We will have our chance in the next couple of years.
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  9. Dangermode

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    This is true to an extent, but look at the Super Bowl. I mean SF had Bosa, Buckner, Armistead and Ford across the front, a totally outrageous lineup, and they still couldn’t stop Mahomes at the end there.

    I think Vrable knew this, which is why we were rushing ZERO at times there and dropping everyone into coverage.

    Somebody needs to figure out a way to stop that attack, because nothing normal works. The chiefs offense are just on a different level from the rest of the league.
  10. Vorsutus

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    I get how we won that kc game during the regular season but come on, we beat them. They are not invincible.
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