Titans Unlikely to Keep Three QBs Active on Sunday

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by goTitans.com, Sep 8, 2006.

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    SUMMARY: According to Titans Coach Jeff Fisher, his team won't be making Kerry Collins, Billy Volek and Vince Young all active on Sunday. The reason is that the team gains the use of another player on special teams. If a designated third quarterback enters the game before the fourth quarter, the two quarterbacks ahead of him are ineligible to return to play. The third quarterback can play in the fourth quarter without having any bearing on the status of the other quarterbacks. Collins is expected to start at QB this Sunday, though the Titans aren't saying. Fisher has said he may use Young in certain situations during the game which would mean Volek would be the #3.

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  2. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    wow. smells like a full blown quarterback controversy.

    I think we have alot of qb threads. Volek is looking dispensible to me more and more. I had such high hopes for him a month ago but in preseason play, by my impressions as a spectator... he looked terrible and I do not blame or knock Fisher one bit for exploring other options.
  3. Ewker

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  4. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    You are going to have to do better than that. I guess I must me wrong then. That screwball smilie makes a very convincing argument. Yeah, on second thought when I think of all of Volek's TD passes and 3rd down conversions... it's very clear that we have a guy we can stick with not only this year but '07 and beyond. We really should be shopping Vince Young. I bet if we sent him to the Texans they would give us Davis... then watch out... we'd be like a 5 headed monster in the backfield.

  5. Ewker

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    if you think Collins is going to lead the Titans anywhere you are mistaken. Collins is a step backwards from Volek IMO.
    Collins is such a vet QB that he throws the ball to a receiver on the 5-6 yd line instead of throwing it away with a few seconds remaining in the half. No 3 points...yep really good. Can't wait for him to lead the Titans :gag:

    BTW nice pic of you :ha:
  6. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor

    We're not going to see the vertical game like we would with BV, but I believe you'll see KC lead several time consuming drives this Sunday. I look for Troupe to have a big day.

    The offense will drive with KC.
  7. ammotroop

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  8. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey


    I'm not saying he's some super stud. I'm saying he's appoximately equal with his main draw back not having a full camp. They didn't invite him to camp. Meanwhile Volek had a shot to make a statement. Man, Volek whiffed while standing in the tee box so to speak. Volek has been crap. I don't expect Collins to be awesome, it's just that Collins upsides outwiegh the only positive that Volek has which is his 6 year tenure. If Volek really was all that good he would have left as a FA long ago. He's be starting in Miami, Oakland, New Orleans... somewhere. No. He stayed here because he really had no choice. Tennessee was his best shot at getting a shot. With McNair looking fragile and his cap # soaring, add in the option thing, Billy knew McNairs days were numbered one way or another. Plus Steve was talking about hanging it up. The offers he got were for backup roles with better money as I understand it. He turned that down in the hopes he could position himself to be the starter here.

    btw- don't give me that playcalling crap. That play was called in and Collins was trying to make a play. It was a meaningless game in terms of standings so what did it matter? Exhibition is about doing something with the talent you have. He ran what was called in. 3 pt. Billy didn't even throw a TD all preseason until they stuck him in for that series. That was mostly really good running exploiting a poor defense. In fact, the point has been made by another poster that all of Voleks "big games" were against crap teams with bad d.

    You might want to exploit that camp thing but think of it this way. Fisher wanted Volek to work out. They guy has been with us for 6 years. Fisher knows him. Fisher must have had some degree of confidence that Billy would pan out. When it failed to materialize, Fisher knew he had to challenge Billy. He brings in Collins. Volek likely reacted badly and that certainly didn't further his cause at all. Don't think that I believe that Collins is going to be a mvp candidate or something outragous like that. I just feel that he brings roughly 50x the game experience that Billy does. He was drafted high, (5th overall) has won a NFC Championship and played in another. He was an All American, was in contention for a Heisman, in 1994 the Nittany Lions had a perfect season. This is some Manning like creditials. Collins won the 1994 Maxwell Award (Nation's top college player), the 1994 Davey O'Brien Award (Nation's top college quarterback) Oh, that was COLLEGE you say? You say that to knock Vince Young too. As a pro he was elected to the NFL Pro Bowl following the 1996 season.

    Billy Volek? He kept David Karnikova on the bench at Fresno State. Collins is the more complete player. But Billy Volek has sucked under Chow longer than while Collins hasn't been here. :evil: That is the only legitimate point one has to argue for Volek here. How easily people forget qb's that get new life from a change in scenery. Besides, Collins is going to start so we might as well hunt and peck for positives.

    Points on character...
    Look, I've seen some drunks before. Good men... that scandelous training camp stuff was a misunderstanding. Playing the race card and saying he is a biggot is not right. I realize you said nothing of the sort but I'm just freelancing now...Bear Bryant was a racist and a drunk and he was fine football coach. Either that or he lacked the mental fortitude and mental vision to allow black players into his program, but only Paul knows for sure what went on inside his head living in the segregated south. The point is scandalous media debacles mounting charges of racism might just amount to an awkward white guy. Everyone knows that it is NOT cool to say everything your African American friend says. If he thought he was trying to bond while he had .13 BAC... I can see how another man in a similar state would make something of it. Justifiably so. That doesn't mean Collins has the sort of disposition where you could label him a biggot. Even if he was it does not directly translate to success or failure on the field; case in point Paul Bryant, Head Coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Very successful but likely a racist. Like I said, I have seen some drunks and I have seen some drunks say some bizarre things. I think enough years have gone by for Collins to live that down.
  9. Soxcat

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    Saying Volek has been crap is a little over the top. In the pre-season Volek only played about the equivelant of one games worth of snaps. His stats are not terrible and he played primarily against the #1 defenses with no running game. I have no problem with the coaches making this decision because hopefully they know what they are doing and they need to do what is best for the team. Still, this constant slamming of Volek and saying he played like crap is far from what really happened. The Titans completely got their hat handed to them in every pre-season game with the exception of the last one where they played GB's second team after only 4 days of rest. Volek is now the scape goat for terrible coaching and inconsistent play from our OL and WRs. The whole team played like crap and actually Volek if anything was a bright spot on a team that didn't look like they could win one game this year.
  10. PhiSlammaJamma

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    Is there really a qb contreversy if nobody sees it. lol. But seriously, we are not a good football team, it doesn't really matter all that much. Which is why I don't understand it. The coaches are in lala land. They are letting something possibly destroy the team that never had to happen. There's almost no point to any of this. We are fighting over 6-10 vs. 7-9. And all it does is demoralize and split the team a bit. And puts Vince Young into situation that doesn't have to exist. I think it's all a waste of energy and money. Whoever starts, I don't care much, but I hope they start all season and the other qb fades into the background.
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