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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by KyTitansFan, Jan 15, 2018.

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  1. titans1839

    titans1839 Starter

    You are able to interview coaches if they have a bye during wild card weekend. Top 2 seed. You can also interview assistants after this weekend because there is a week in between before Super Bowl week. No matter what happens this week, we can interview everyone.
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  2. Johnnyb

    Johnnyb RTR

    I think a lot of people are hesitant on McDaniels because of his time in Denver, but if we do end up with him I'll feel pretty good about it mostly due to JRob having a lot more insight into who he is and how he is to work with.

    I'll trust JRob's opinion of him more than any outside views and opinions.
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  3. 615nick

    615nick Starter

    I like the idea of McDaniels coming here, but i want him and jrob to hire a beast of a staff. No more giving people jobs because thier your buddies and jobless. Hire qualified, high end guys, that if you slip, they can potentially take over. Mm has a staff with not 1 single hc, that should never be the case in the nfl.
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  4. Johnnyb

    Johnnyb RTR

    104.5 is saying Vrabel is the only fallback they've heard of at the moment.

    Sounds like it's McDaniels or bust.
  5. GL2814

    GL2814 Starter

    There are tons of videos on YouTube of Broncos players blasting McDaniels. DJ Williams said there are some coaches you want to jump on a grenade for. No one wanted to give that extra fight for McDaniels during games and he wasn't fun to be around. That's scary because majority of our players fought for Mularkey, what would they do with McDaniels?
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  6. ceeder

    ceeder Starter

    Win football games.
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  7. Smash

    Smash 2017 Survivor Winner


    Seriously, McDaniels was utter crap as HC in Denver. A great OC, but the jury is still out HC. Players didn't like (or respect) him.
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  8. PhiSlammaJamma

    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    At this point I'd take anyone over Mularkey, but McDaniels was doing with Brady exactly what I think we should do with Mariota. That's all I need to see. And even though I don't think our offense should be TE oriented, it's clear McDaniels will help in exploiting that strength should he choose to do so. I don't know about what he brings to the defensive side of the table, but the offense is most glaring problem right now.
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  9. ImATitan

    ImATitan Pro Bowler

    Are we allowed to interview McDaniels this week?
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