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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Big TT, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. CanadaTitan

    CanadaTitan Guest

    How about this Texans take Bush with #1 and then flip him over to us after we take The Brick. Not only do they receive him but we trade Hopkins, Brown, Beckham and Sirmon to the Texans for him. Just Wishful Thinking. They improve their oline immensly get help on d and get a talented rb in brown.
  2. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler

    then again , this is the Texans savvy business model we're discussing

    hell, they should just draft Reggie and trade Dom

    (heard an interesting tidbit about Dom)
    while at LSU (backing up Toefield), coach wanted to convert him to safety
    and now he's a dangerous 2-way threat

    but it's like this,..... imagine you had Eddie George on your team (call it '99), he was doing OK but nothing spectacular , and you had an opportunity to draft an LT or an Alexander. (you could also use the Travis Henry / Willis McGahee scenario here) - would you pull the trigger, even though it wasn't a "need" position (but certainly an upgrade)

    wait a minut, scratch that - they probably need a QB worse than a RB
  3. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler

    don't forget Schwartz :winker:
  4. dg1979us

    dg1979us Pro Bowler

    Houston has a lot of holes to fill, but RB isnt one of them. Davis is a very capable back who has decent #s behind a terrible line, and he is an excellent receiver too. One player wont even begin to fix the Texans, and there are probably 20 teams who would like Bush so I think they are crazy if they dont trade down and load up on picks. Houston seems to have quality skill position players in Davis, Johnson, and probably Carr if he had protection. If they take Bush they still have a ****ty Oline and Carr is still going to lead the league in getting sacked.
  5. paraconspiracy

    paraconspiracy long time browser no more

    you know, the great thing about all this is that the combines and college days havent even started yet. and theres still a couple of games to finish in college for the year if i remember correctly:cool: :cool:

    anything could happen
  6. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    You never know how much longer Tiki can do what he's doing. I don't think Brandon Jacobs was drafted to be his replacement.
  7. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    On running backs-
    I'm not sold on the idea that Chris Brown is some kind of horrible RB. I do think he has issues staying healthy and when his contract is up that he should be allowed to walk away. However, I feel that his main problem is that he is unable to hit a hole because they are not there and when they are they are small and close fast. He's not a bruiser like Henry that is going to run straight ahead. I sense that there is an enormouse amount of dissatisfaction with both backs and as a result there seems to be alot of talk here about drafting at that position. That in my opinion would be a mistake for I feel what is at the heart of the running game issues is the interior line.

    The "Brick" seems like a great prospect but I realize it seems hard to commit to that position when you have the #3 overall. That's tough. However, we do need a guy like that. I am of the frame of mind that we need a quarterback very badly. Perhaps whoever owns, say, #12 spot trades with us...and we pick up an extra third...or even 2nd...I don't know what that swap is worth...we can look to get Cutler or Hawk, rest assured that "Brick" will be gone...I really don't know...I do know that whatever Reese does alot of people will be unhappy.

    I read somebody's post that mentioned a Phillip Rivers deal. That is very interesting to me but I've recently heard that Brees is hurt to some extent and that the Chargers are chilling out with the trade talk. Rumor mill.
  8. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    Let me explain a little more -- Jersey B, the Jets' Curtis Martin held the NFL rushing title after last year. Now he's injured and RB is a priority for them, right after QB. Drafting Tiki's replacement now while he's just had his best season ever is just smart. He's already 30. Maybe he'll be a 34-year-old running back with great production. You never know. But odds are against it...so I put the Giants in that category, too.
  9. Banger21

    Banger21 Camp Fodder

    The #3 pick certainly isnt too high of a pick to take a franchise left takle. IF, and IF, D'Brickashaw is the "Orlando Pace" or "Jon Ogden" type of left takle, the 3rd pick is worth taking him 10 fold. I dont know if he is, but with the combine and evalutions, the Titans should be able to get a good feel. Getting him also allows the Titans to clear more cap room by cutting Hopkins. At some point the Titans are going to have to beat the Colts if they want to get back to their winning ways. That means shutting down or at least slowing down Dwight Freeney, I think The Brick is a good start to doing the that. I dont think Hawk is worth that high of a pick. They can wait and get Hodge in the second round who just had a huge game today in the Outback Bowl. Titans need a Middle Linebacker worse than and OLB IMO.
  10. THE53

    THE53 Guest

    The best trading partner is easily the Jets, who are in dire need of a rb, unlike us.
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