Titans to Hold Personal Workout with Leinart Today

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by goTitans.com, Apr 3, 2006.

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    SUMMARY: Yesterday at the USC Pro Day, QB Matt Leinart gave his workout a passing grade but was less than satisfied. "I thought I could have done better, but I am happy with what I showed. I think I answered some questions about my arm strength and moving around and throwing and stuff,'' Leinart said. "It's been a long day, but I think I did well. This feels like a big burden has been lifted off my shoulders. … I still have a few workouts now, and then the draft is the next step.'' The Titans will be one of his workouts today who will bring in their own receivers. Yesterday, Leinart completed 36 of 46 passes. At least four were drops, and a few others were the result of communication problems between Leinart and his receivers, some of which he hadn't worked with leading up to the Pro Day. Leinart decided not to run the 40 or lift because he didn't feel either would benefit his draft status.

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  2. TitanJeff

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    Though I don't think whether or not he runs the 40 or lifts will impact where he is drafted, I don't like the fact he didn't do it and wonder if the Titans will ask him to run today.

    Based on the articles I've read, the arm showed strength but this sounded far from being impressive. If it had been Cutler's workout, I think we'd be hearing of him falling down the draft chart.
  3. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    When Cutler was near perfect in his workout, in 40 degrees with some wind all the Cutler bashers were saying he should complete those passes with no rush or defense. What about Leinart missing 10 passes? IMO the pro day is almost irrelevant if a team is going to work the guy out. It will be interesting to see how Leinart does.
  4. Vigsted

    Vigsted Starter

    Soxcat, it get's real funny when people belittle Cutler's workout, then complain about Leinart missing passes, yet think Vince Young had a killer workout...

    In my mind the 3, as expected, turned in good, though not spectacular performances and it hasn't really changed how people rank the 3 unless you beforehand already had them extremely close.
  5. fltitan

    fltitan Guest

    The real information about theses guys will come in the private workouts held by individual teams. The teams have much more control over these workouts and can create situations that show much more about overall ability than these over hyped throwing sessions. I'm sure Reese and Coach Fisher will know exactly who they want when all the private workouts are over and I'm just as sure they won't say anything that will let us or anyone else know what they are thinking. Everything we hear between now and draft day is simply worthless info as it relates to these 3 qbs.
  6. Riverman

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    Hmmmm. Interesting excerpts from Leinart's diary.

    "....If I were to go to Tennessee, knowing that system already, it would be a great advantage for me. The location would obviously be the opposite of how I was raised, but I think that it would be good to do something new with my life.".....

    "Reporters have recently asked me about the comments I made when asked about the Jets and Joe Namath. I wasn't saying I'm the next Joe Namath. It was taken out of context. I'm not Joe Namath, I'm Matt Leinart. Joe Namath is a legend on the football field and he's a great football player. If I were to go there, I'm not trying to fill in anybody's shoes. I'm just trying to be a QB and to win football games. It's flattering to be mentioned with Joe Namath, but I haven't accomplished anything at the next level. The whole thing got taken out of context. That was how I answered the reporter's question.".....

    Pretty polished. Can't knock him for that.
  7. that is true, but he wouldnt have any better handle on norm chow's offense than any of the other qb's, he had to change it so much for the nfl, remember college and nfl are completely different hardly anything works the same as it would in college, that could have been one of our big faults this year, since he was getting used to the whole nfl scheme of things
  8. Broken Record

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    He would already have a working relationship with Chow at the very least and all the things that go along with having experience playing under him. I agree that the offense is certainly different from what he ran at USC in some respects, but there are similarities as well.
  9. ya i have to agree there are definately some similarities there, but if i was chow i would love to be able to work with vince, first of all because u have so many more options, vince throws just as good or better than leinart, the passing % will prove that, and the fact that he can run when a play breaks down is dangerous too and we need that since we dont have a true #1 receiver right now (i miss mason)
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