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    The last time I went was the Monday nighter and they were pretty bad. Most of the talk was before kickoff/on the way to my seat. Once the game started I'd obviously yell and cheer during big plays and I didn't hear one word. Luckily there were a couple Titans fans in the row in front of me so we shared some good high fives.

    But the best part about it was it was dead silent afterwards when I was walking to my car. The sweet sound of victory.
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    The lower levels I've never had a problem with. When I sit up in the nose bleeds I usually have to bite my tongue to not curse back and cause a scene lol. But you'll definitely get heckled on the way into the game and while tailgating. Which is all in fun. Over all they're not that bad of fans to get along with. I even got along with them during the Finny vs Andre fight. Lol
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    Guys, you're more than welcome to come tailgate with the blue crew. We're in the NW corner of the Platinum lot and welcome everyone. We partied with a bunch of Dolphins fans last home game, feel free to come by.

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    Awesome, I may just have to join you, thanks so much for the offer? So you guys have some empty seats next to you then? Ditching my loner seat and joining some allies doesn't sound too shabby :).
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    Just message me on here later tonight and we can figure out where to meet up. Well have a pit and a tv while tailgating in the orange lot. Sad to say I'm the only Titan fan but ill be supporting my locker jersey