Titans take over top spot in power rankings

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Oct 14, 2008.

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
    It's getting harder and harder for the Titans to cast themselves as underappreciated underdogs, isn't it?
    Though they enjoyed a bye, they ascended to No. 1 in our power rankings Tuesday thanks to the Cleveland Browns' upset of the Giants on Monday Night Football. The Titans got 10 first place votes and two second place votes.
    Now they face a week of talk about a trap game Sunday in Kansas City. If they take care of business at Arrowhead Stadium, Nashville will be frenzied in the week of build-up to the Oct. 27 Monday Night Football game against the Colts.
    I think they're worthy of the spot. Nobody's played better over the first six weeks of the season, and they have to feel good about themselves considering there is a lot they can still do better.
    In my eyes, the Jaguars are too low at 14. That's a strong 3-3 to me considering they've played four division leaders and beat the Colts in Indianapolis. They were voted as high as fourth and as low as 20th, a disparity in the poll matched by Atlanta and eclipsed only by New Orleans (19).
    Here's a breakdown of the division in the balloting.
    AFC South in the power rankingsTeamPaul K. last weekPaul K. this weekpanel highpanel lowTennessee21
    As always, here's a link to an excellent breakdown of the voting by AFC West maven Mike Sando. Please consider it a tool to make sure you're grumbling about or yelling at the correct panelist.

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    Not writing mine this week, but the Titans would be #1 by a mile.
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