Titans Take Down Texans 28-22

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    SUMMARY: The Texans got a glimpse of what they passed over in the 2006 draft as Titans rookie QB Vince Young both ran and passed for a touchdown and Houston fell to Tennessee 28-22. The victory marks consecutive wins for the Titans for first time since the end of the 2003 season. In the process, the Titans harassed Texans QB David Carr into his worst performances this season, sacking him four times and forcing him into three of Houston's five turnovers. Houston coach Gary Kubiak pulled Carr midway through the third quarter and replaced him with Sage Rosenfels. Highlights of the game for the Titans include interceptions by Pacman Jones and Chris Hope and two sacks by Kyle Vanden Bosch including a forced fumble. Jones also ran back a punt return for 53 yards for the Titans final score.

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  2. Fry

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  3. Bizz21

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    We are on our way!! If we would have started Young from game one, we would be 4-3. Damn...
  4. Gunny

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    that is very much unlikely.
  5. C'mon Titans, even though it was the Texans, we're on a winning streak!...
  6. cld12pk2go

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    I liked the big plays on D; however, the D was very pourous in general.

    The O did what it needed to win; however, it was fairly lifeless most of the game.

    The special teams were finally special again.

    I will still take the W.
  7. A wins a win, 2-5, there's hope yet for a good season (good for us)...
  8. Titansfan10

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    mario williams' sack, i dont count it as a sack VY was just running ahead, it wasnt like he was set up in the pocket and got taken down by him...lucky for that matter, i bet houston is re-thinking why they didnt draft a QB i.e. VY
  9. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    11 - 5 and playoffs. :brow:
  10. Sage Rosenfels looked alright...
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