Titans Take Big Step Backwards

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by goTitans.com, Nov 6, 2006.

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    SUMMARY: After back-to-back wins, the Titans loss yesterday looked extremely similar to the thrashing the team took from the Jaguars in the season finale last year. "This team had actually taken a couple of steps forward, but we took a big step backwards today. Against good teams we have to play near-perfect football, and we didn’t do that," Titans coach Jeff Fisher said. Some players admitted that Pacman Jones was missed on Sunday. "We definitely missed Pac, to be 100 percent honest," LB Keith Bulluck said. "There were plays out there that I feel Pac would make; not to discredit anyone else, but if Pac was here, he would make certain plays. But at the same time, Pac wasn’t here. He wasn’t there. I’m sure he sat home and watched the game, and saw where his presence was missed."

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  2. well this stinks, but we really did miss pac out there and hopefully we can bounce back like we are always suppossed to and get a win against the ratbirds
  3. A.D.

    A.D. It's (insert day of week here) & Colts still SUCK Staff

    We beat them without Pacman last year, with Woolfolk and Beckham at the corners. We're going to miss Albert against the Ratbirds. Before his knee injury in the third quarter, he played as dominating a game against them last year as I've seen in a while. If I remember correctly off the top of my head, JLewis gained 9 yards on 13 carries and the Ratbirds gained about 13 total rushing yards. It was KVB's coming out party too, at least he'll be in the game this week. That being said, the Ratbirds look a lot better this year than last.
  4. Broken Record

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    It would've taken more than Pacman Jones to win that game yesterday.
  5. Ewker

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    I didn't get to listen to the game yesterday. Didn't see the low lights until last night. It reminded me of last yrs game. Titans have a long way to go.
  6. fltitan

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    I was at the game yesterday and we plyed poorly in every phase. Woolfolk was terrible it was obvious they were attacking him early and he never made a play. The entire D played badly couln't stop the run couldn't pressure the QB. Many times the Jags kept a TE and RB in to help protect against the pass rush and receivers were running open everywhere. VY was terrible I know it's just part of the learning process but still terrible. You could tell he was confused and threw into heavy coverage, when he did make a good throw we dropped it. The OL had it's worse game in several weeks couldn't run block and VY had heavy pressure all day. The weather was terrible not a fun day for a Titans fan.
  7. Hellblitzer

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    What bothers me is this. Pac probablly didnt learn anything from the game yesterday, actually it probably gave him a big ego stroke. The players need to come out publically and just say "it was Adam's fault he's not here to help his team out". Bulluck and company need to be more supportive of the coaches decisions. Or are they all pissed at the coaches for suspending him a game? You really cant tell, I'd rather see train tracks across somone face at this point then wonder where the team stands. It didnt look like they gave up yesterday, but damned they played basically the Jags 2nd stringers and got man handled.

    The Ravens will probably run right over us. Schwartz knows Mcnair, but Mcnair knows our Defense just the same.

    Thsi stinks like :moon2:
  8. Vigsted

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    Just saw the recap of the game:
    Why is LT still on this team?!?!? At least he provided comic relief when he tried to hump one of the D-linemen on a Jax FG....
  9. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Don't make gunny mad now..

    He doesn't like it when you bash the titans. A step backward? Who ever wrote that is not a real titan fan!

    In gunny's world bashing a 37-7 performance is not fair!
  10. Ewker

    Ewker Starter

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