Titans Sweep Texans with 13-10 Win

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    SUMMARY: A 13-10 win over the Texans on Sunday wasn't pretty but the 4-9 Titans will take em any way they can get em. Kris Brown missed a 31-yard field goal with no time remaining. He had a 37-yard field goal blocked by Tank Williams with 3:48 remaining in the game. Titans K Rob Bironas put the Titans ahead by three with 10 seconds left to give his team their fourth win of the season and a sweep if the Texans. For the Titans, highlights of the game include six sacks on Texans QB David Carr including two by Kyle Vanden Bosch who now has 12 1/2 sacks on the season. Pacman Jones returned a punt 52-yards for a touchdown. Steve McNair had a 18-yard run which led to the game-winning kick by Bironas.

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    Paybacks a mutha :fish:

    Not that we can start partying in the streets now :lol:
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    Thankfully the Texans are around for us to beat up on this year - too bad we can't play them 1 more time.
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