Titans still waiting on Warmack

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    The bad news for the Titans is they still don’t have first round pick Chance Warmack under contract. The former Alabama guard missed another practice on Friday night.

    The good news, according to Coach Mike Munchak, is he’ll be able to dive right in when he eventually signs.

    A year ago, players who reported to camp late had to wait two days before they were allowed to practice with the team. Munchak said there are no restrictions in the CBA this year.

    “The only good thing is he can jump right into it, they changed that rule,’’ Munchak said. “We hope it’s done this weekend and we can get this thing rolling.”

    Warmack, selected 10th overall by the Titans, is one of just three first round picks still unsigned.

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    You know these guys dont get enough training time with the team as it is. I hate it to see, especially rookies, hold out. I lose respect for him every minute of practice he misses.
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  3. nbtoppers2

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    yup. no reason for this not to be done.
  4. rodgev

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    Come on believe in yourself Chance if you play decent you get paid if you don't then you don deserve the money
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    LANGSTER Starter

    tell your agent F off
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  6. dontdraftcutler

    dontdraftcutler We can't be that bad, can we?

    This is bull$hit. The guy needs to get his butt on the practice field. If his idiot agent can't get it done, he needs to find a new agent. I loved the pick and I think he'll be solid, but we have enough damn prima donnas on this team.
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    The Cardinals have announced that a deal has been struck with guard Jonathan Cooper, the seventh overall pick in the 2013 draft.

    Per a source with knowledge of the terms, Cooper will have offset language in the contract. In exchange, the structure of the deal will mirror those of the contracts signed by Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill in 2012 and by Chiefs tackle Eric Fisher, Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan, Eagles tackle Lane Johnson, and Browns linebacker Barkevious Mingo this year.

    The deal leaves Jets cornerback Dee Milliner and Titans guard Chance Warmack as the only two unsigned draft picks. Coincidentally (or not), the coaches of both teams are believed to be on the hot seat, giving the players a bit more leverage than usual.
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  8. mike75

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    Now that Cooper is signed surely it won't be too long until Chance gets signed as well.

    Up until a few days ago, there had been no discussions. For Cooper to ever blink on offset language, he’d need the kind of structure and payout received by other top-10 picks who have agreed to offset language in the past two years and now he has that which means....

    Chance Warmack will probably have to agree on having offset language in his contract but like Cooper get the kind of structure and payout received by other top-10 picks who have agreed to offset language in the past two years like Ryan Tannehill,Eric Fisher,Dion Jordan,Lane Johnson, and Barkevious Mingo this year.
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    First-round pick Chance Warmack missed his fifth day of training camp on Sunday.

    Warmack, the 10th overall pick, and former Alabama teammate Dee Milliner, picked ninth overall by the Jets, are the only unsigned first-rounders.

    Coach Mike Munchak seems to be growing a little more impatient with Warmack’s absence, as the Titans plan for him to be the starting right guard.

    “They haven’t come to an agreement,’’ Munchak said. “It doesn’t seem very complicated to me. It’s just business is business, and they can’t agree.”

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    Source: Titans Insider
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  10. Fry

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    Milliner just signed. Warmack is the only one left.

    Yay Titans.....
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