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    Defensive end update: The Titans sound as if they’re still open to the idea of adding a veteran defensive end such as John Abraham, Dwight Freeney or Israel Idonije, but they’re being patient in their approach.

    Titans coach Mike Munchak said the team continues to talk to Abraham, who has visited with the team already. He said if the team gets more involved with Freeney, the Titans would like to have him in for a visit.

    “We know what a great player he is,” Munchak said of Freeney. “So it’s one of those things where you have to bring guys like that in because you have to see where they are physically and mentally and maybe what their thinking is. There’s a lot more to it with the older guys, to see exactly what kind of situation they’re looking for. You really don’t know that until you bring them in.”

    Munchak said he was pleased with the play of the team’s starting defensive ends, Derrick Morgan and Kamerion Wimbley, last season. The Titans also added sturdy defensive end Ropati Pitoitua in free agency and defensive end Lavar Edwards in the draft.

    So Tennessee would have to work out how much time it would give a veteran defensive end.

    “If you do something with ends like that, then how are you going to use them?” Munchak said. “How many plays they can play? How will he get in the rotation?

    “The names all sound good to people. `Oh yeah, bring that guy in . Bring this guy in.’ Then what we have to hear is, `How come this guy is not playing more?’

    “So we have to have a good plan with this defensive end thing. It sounds like a good idea, but how are we going to make it work? Who’s not going to be on the team?”

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