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    Saw this on FB and decided to post. I know we talk about sad QBs and WRs all the time, but Henry has only been in the league a couple years and even split time, he’s already in our top 10 FRANCHISE (not just post move years) RB (and 1 is a QB).
    Also not a great list.

    Derrick Henry moved into the franchise's Top 10 for most career rushing yards.

    1. Eddie George
    2. Earl Campbell
    3. Chris Johnson
    4. Lorenzo White
    5. Hoyle Granger
    6. Steve McNair
    7. Mike Rozier
    8. Charles Tolar
    9. Derrick Henry
    10. Ronnie Coleman
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    Just a cool pic to echo your post

  3. titanfanatic

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    Titans are now 1-for-8 on 4th down this season

    Per JGlennon
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    Largely on play selection.
    The QB sneak last week was the right call just not pulled off well.
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    So as Evans scorched the D all game long (11 for 198 and 2 TD), I asked the question (in game) when was the last time we had a WR have 10+ catches?
    I also looked up 200+ yards receiving.

    Most recent 10+ - delanie walker had 10 in sep 14’
    As WR - Kendall Wright dec 13’

    Most ever - 13 by Haywood Jeffries Oct 91’
    - charley Hennigan Oct 61’
    - Drew Bennett Dec 04’

    12 catches Mason 3x, Hennigan 2x, Drew Bennett, and Kendall Wright
    Coincidently, bennett’s 2 big games were back to back and with Billy Volek at QB

    200+ Yards
    1. Hennigan 272 Oct 61’
    2. Jeffries 245 Dec 90’
    3. Bennett 233 Dec 04’
    4. Hennigan 232 Oct 61’
    5. Hennigan 214 Dec 61’
    6. Drew Hill 210 Dec 85’
    7. Hennigan 202 Sep 62’

    One time since the move to Tennessee and again with Volek as QB.
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    The AFC South has zero below .500 teams and zero teams with negative point differentials. The 5-2 Colts have the worst point differential in the division at +7.

    Tannehill has turned 6 red zone trips into 6 touchdowns since becoming the starter.

    Per MHerdon/Titansfilmroom
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    Moved up to #8 in the p-word category. Back by 1 game, decreasing the distance by .5 games.
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    Kenny Britt had that stooooopid game against the Eagles a few years ago. Like 226 yard and at least 3 TD's.
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    Yep missed that as I was trying to find them all.
    7 for 225 and 3 TD.
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    *Tannehill’s 109.8 passer rating today for the Titans gave him consecutive passer ratings above 100.0 in his first two starts of the season. He has authored 24 career games with a passer rating of at least 100.0 with a record of 20-4 in such outings.

    *Tannehill recorded his seventh career game with at least three touchdowns and no interceptions today for @Titans. His teams are 7-0 when he accomplishes the feat.

    *L.Ryan’s 7.5 sacks since the beginning of the 2018 season are the most in the NFL among defensive backs.

    *AB’s three touchdown receptions so far this season are the most by a @Titans rookie since 2013, when Justin Hunter totaled four touchdown catches.

    * Titans win over the @Buccaneers gave the @Titans six consecutive victories over NFC opponents, including every interconference game in Mike Vrabel’s coaching tenure (6-0 from 2018-19)

    *The @Titans are now 18-6 in their last 24 games @NissanStadium.

    Per JWyatt
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