Titans sign Sly Williams

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RyansTitans, Mar 10, 2017.

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  1. Young54

    Young54 Starter

    Oh well thank you for the time stamp, but I know the date. Maybe you weren't paying attention to 2016 Titans. Everything we're doing screams 1997. Here's the kicker... its been working!

    Hate it or love it, JR created an identity and now is reinforcing it. I frankly don't get the hate.

    One player isn't going to single handily fix our pass defense. We clearly have a lot of analysts on this board so maybe one can answer this.. how often did we have 3 safeties on the field? Did we ever a run 4 safety package?

    You guys make it seem like Cyp is a downgrade from Stafford. No one is saying he's the final missing piece, but he can definitely add value. Dude's had over 100 tackles each year in the league. I'll take that all day on my team.
  2. Clark

    Clark #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    Never saw a 4 S package but our big nickel was damn near our base last year.

    Still the point was and is the pass defense (the one that needs to contend with 2017 pass happy offenses) was much more cause for concern. a 90's SS who is pretty terrible in Coverage isn't going to help that and he's barely going to move the needle in our already great Run D. It was a lateral move. He's a role player.
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  3. Jwill1919

    Jwill1919 Coach

    I like where you're going..but as far as moving the needle we had the 2nd best rush defense and the 30th worst passing D. So Cyprien makes us the 1st rush D while making us the 31-32nd Pass D? How did that move make our biggest weakness better?

    As for Stafford, we are basically paying Stafford's twin(Cyprien) 6+mil/year, without noticeable upgrade. Still doesn't make sense.
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  4. 615nick

    615nick Starter

    We're going to improve our pass d in the draft. Just say that cyp did make us #1 in run d and #32 in pass d, so it's a lateral move. Then we add ryan, draft 2 dbs and a coverage ilb. Now where do we sit? Im not saying its the best signing in the world, but it helps our competition become one dimensional.
  5. abc2330

    abc2330 Pro Bowler

    Good rush defense is misleading for certain teams. GB also had one of the best rush defenses, but that's because teams just picked on the secondary. They have a worse front 7 than Tennessee, so they definitely weren't the most well-equipped to handle it, and neither is Tennessee (though they are above average)
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