Titans should Trade CJ

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by petergriffin16, Aug 17, 2011.

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  1. petergriffin16

    petergriffin16 Starter

    I know he's amazing and all of that, but running backs are dime or dozen in this league. They're easy to get, replace, and draft. CJ is a special talent, he can go the distance on any play, but he can also go NOWHERE on any play.

    Although he is talented, CJ is a 0 or 80 yard runner it seems. He really -should- be a more situational back, but his expiry date isn't worth the check IMO. We could get well over a first for him, and I think our running game would be far more consistent.

    If TEN used CJ split out wide, more creatively and in space (see ravens playoff game from '07) he is unstoppable, but he deserves Josh Cribbs type money. Good money, but situational player money. Yes he carried the load for two years and yes he did well, but it won't last if it's that many carries.

    Just my $0.02. Running game looked unphased vs. minnesota. I guess we'll see on saturday if that changes.
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  2. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    Everyone has their own idea on the CJ situation but please remember pre-season games are meaningless. They also run the most simple plays and starters get maybe two drives and that's it.
  3. Ryudo

    Ryudo Farten Up

    No. Best RB this team has ever had. Keep him sign him.
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  4. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    waiting for the cut-away joke...
  5. Titanium

    Titanium TITANFN Staff

    Wow... Just wow
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  6. Kaeotik

    Kaeotik Pro Bowler

    lol To say that I completely disagree with the thread starter would putting too mildly.I did get a good laugh out of it though.
  7. petergriffin16

    petergriffin16 Starter

    If it was the patriots, they would have traded him for 2 firsts after he got a 2000 yard season. Which team is more consistent?

    The reality is, with smart drafting, the multiple picks he would provide will probably outweigh his value. If CJ alone could carry us to the playoffs he would have by now. The packers did just fine winning the SB without CJ2K. As much as he is my favorite player, from a logical standpoint it is the best value.
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  8. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    Guessing what a team would do doesn't help your cause.
  9. That Guy

    That Guy Rookie

    I believe there has to come a point that the idea be entertained.

    I'm not going to pretend I know the Titans financial situations in regards to the cap, but I'd imagine that giving CJ the kind of payday he is saying he wants would hurt the team long term.

    Most likely they will front load the contract. Either way, how many years does he have left in him? What if he gets seriously hurt? It's a pretty big risk.

    He has certainly earned a bigger paycheck, but to be one of the highest paid play makers in the league is a bit of a stretch.

    However, at the end of the day, the team does need him and I hope we do get him signed and he is plays week one!

    To the OP, your thread nor your post are crazy. I'd even wager that the Titans FO has at the very least considered the idea themselves.

    Good post.
  10. jplusip

    jplusip Pro Bowler

    You couldn't have stated this for the 20th time in the CJ Holdout thread because... why?
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